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synthetic turf gagaWe were lucky enough to have the opportunity to donate some turf to a great cause earlier this year. Although at first when the call came from Camp Shomria looking for turf for a ga-ga pit, we all kind of went a “ga-ga what?”, but after learning more about the camp and the sport we couldn’t wait to get on bored with the project.

For those who are just as confused as we were, here’s a little background on the sport. Ga-ga is a variation of dodge ball but it is played in a walled hexagon “pit” where players run, jump, dodge, and kick a soccer or volley ball. The object is to hit your opponent below the knees without getting hit yourself. It is also known as Israeli dodge-ball, Octo-Ball and Panda Ball.

Traditionally ga-ga is played in a dirt pit or sand pit, which as you can imagine gets quite dusty.  Synthetic turf quickly became the ideal playing surface for these pits as they are under tremendous abuse from the players twisting and running in a very condensed area. On top of that you can play on the surface during any weather. No need to wait for the pit to dry out after a rain. Not to mention the safety of synthetic turf is much greater than dirt. Not only is synthetic softer to fall on but there is less chance of infection from dirt getting into scrapes and cuts.

We hear the pit at Camp Shomria was a hit and the kids loved it! It was the highlight to the end of their summer and the camp can’t wait to complete the surrounding area of the pit so that even more campers can enjoy the sport of ga-ga. This is just another example of the unexpected uses that optimize the technologies used in synthetic turf surfaces from Synthetic Turf International of Canada.

synthetic turf gaga
synthetic turf gaga
synthetic turf gaga
synthetic turf gaga
synthetic turf gaga

Synthetic Turf International Partners with My Dog Matters!


My Dog Matters is a new program designed to reward responsible pet owners in the Okanagan valley. By licensing your dog you can receive amazing discounts from various businesses locally that support positive and responsible dog ownership.

Synthetic Turf International of Canada is proud to announce our partnership in the program and is ecstatic to offer 20% off all our approved pet friendly turfs to registered card holders! Just show your card at the time of quote to receive this amazing discount.

What turfs are Approved Pet Friendly?

PL-903 SoftLawn® Perennial Rye

PL-919 SoftLawn® Garden Rye

PL-920 SoftLawn® Emerald Rye

PL-921 SoftLawn® Bluegrass Blend

CX-121 SoftLawn® Pro Cut

PL-915 SoftLawn® Fresh Cut

PL-906 SoftLawn® Premium

CX-122 SoftLawn® Select

PL-912 SoftLawn® Paspalum Plus


That’s a lot of pet turfs!


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Check out more info on the program at

Synthetic Turf Lawn & Landscape Solutions

STI Canada’s signature lawn and landscape synthetic turf, SoftLawn®, utilizes a soft polyethylene UV protected synthetic fiber. Treated and tufted on a porous backing, SoftLawn® is the same quality product used in school playgrounds, play yards, and lawn applications. Lush and lifelike, the synthetic surface boasts a realistic “fresh cut” appearance combined with a soft pleasing feel. As with all STI Canada surfaces, SoftLawn® is easily maintained using a leaf blower.

SoftLawn® saves owners time and money.

The Advantages of SoftLawn®

  •  Requires no water
  •  Virtually maintenance-free
  •  Fresh cut appearance
  •  Needs no chemicals or fertilizer
  •  Never needs mowing or insecticides
  •  Clean and can be cleaned – Unlike mulch and shredded rubber
  •  ADA/ABA compliant – Crutches won’t sink in and wheelchairs roll
  •  Safety – No more buried glass or other harmful objects
  •  Lead Free
  •  Provides excellent drainage
  •  Biodegradable and/or recyclable components
  •  Does not support stain or odor causing bacteria, mold or mildew


Most Popular SoftLawn® Products

PL-919 Garden Rye

PL919 SoftLawn Garden Rye resized 600

1 1/2″ Polyethylene Monofilament and TXT

Garden Rye is an economic option for customers looking for a natural, soft and pet friendly turf. It is an extremely durable product and is sure to impress everyone.

Check out the full spec sheet here.

PL-921 Bluegrass Blend

PL921 SoftLawn Bluegrass Blend resized 600

1 13/16” Polyethylene & Polypropylene

Bluegrass is one of the most natural appearing lawns in the entire line! Its thick brown thatching makes it appear incredible realistic when compared with native grasses in North America. Plus it adds additional density for an unbelievably cushiony feel under foot.

Check out the full specs page here.


PL-925 Plush Pro

PL912 SoftLawn Paspalum Plus resized 600

2″ Polyethylene Monofilament

The most luxurious turf in the entire SoftLawn® Line Plush Pro not only looks beautiful but feels like nothing other. Thick and dense, it is the ultimate in outdoor indulgence.



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Cleats for Synthetic Turf

 cleats for synthetic turf

Which cleats are best to use on a synthetic turf field has been a long debated and scrutinized part of the transition from natural to synthetic. Early variations of artificial sports fields were often short and hard and cleats needed to perform on a surface with these characteristics. As synthetic sports fields become more and more realistic the gap between cleats for natural turf and synthetic turf is slowly closing; however, three cleat styles remain for use on synthetic sports fields.

Firm-Ground Cleats

Firm-ground cleats utilize a higher number of short spikes. They are able to gain traction in the turf without any contact with the sub base of synthetic turf fields. That contact is often a large complaint for players new to playing on these surfaces. Advancements in yarn fibers and infill have eliminated a lot of this contact but using a cleat designed for firm ground will help provide the most grip and comfort while playing on a synthetic surface.

Synthetic Turf Specific Cleats

This seems like an obvious answer, but how many athletes play solely on synthetic sports fields? These cleats feature wide, short and often rubberized spikes. Designed specifically with the original artificial playing surfaces in mind, they are slowly losing popularity. After all, the closer synthetic turfs get to real grass the more appropriate a firm-ground cleat becomes as it can be interchanged between artificial and natural sports fields. Synthetic turf cleats are also heavier than traditional cleats due to the additional and rubberized spikes which can be a negative to many players.

Hybrid Firm Ground/Synthetic

This cleat style is a blend of a firm-ground and synthetic turf cleat. They usually feature 20 to 25 studs and the upper design of a firm-ground cleat. Spikes are short but not as wide as a synthetic turf specific cleat. Although a great alternative to the other two cleat styles they are only now being developed so the market for them is small, especially in women and youth styles.

So the magic answer to which cleats to use on synthetic sports fields is still very much a personal preference. Whether you choose firm-ground cleats, synthetic turf cleats, or hybrid cleats each has positives and negatives. The important things to consider when making a cleat purchase for use on both synthetic and natural fields is how often you will play on the artificial field and how old the turf is. Newer turfs perform much more like natural fields and as they get closer to a natural playing surface the need for specific cleats may be a thing of the past.

EZ Tee Products from Synthetic Turf International

EZ Tee

STI Canada’s EZ Tee® nylon tee line surface is an innovative synthetic turf system, designed specifically for driving range tee lines. In addition to being able to hit down and through the ball, golfers can also hit from a regulation golf tee placed directly in the EZ Tee® surface. This is a stark departure from the white plastic tube that serves as a tee in other synthetic tee line surfaces. In addition to the realistic playability of EZ Tee®, club owners and equity members benefit greatly from its cost-effectiveness. EZ Tee® permits continuous use, eliminating the need to relocate and reseed driving range areas. Appropriate for tee lines and hitting mats, EZ Tee® can be installed over natural base or concrete. STI EZ Tee® customers include Pebble Beach, Spyglass, Caves Valley, Brookline, Oakmont, Burning Tree, Kinloch, and Winged Foot.

The Advantages of EZ Tee® Tee Lines & Hitting Mats

  • Holds a real tee
  • Allows for a true natural swing
  • Provides a divot feel with no club bounce
  • Used by PGA professionals, teachers, tour players, and numerous top rated facilities
  • Drastically improve your golf game
  • Allows for play and practice year round
  • Saves your grass and your money
  • Available in mats and full tee lines

The EZ Tee® Line of Products

EZ Tee Poly

PL-322 EZ Tee Poly

1 ¼” Polypropylene Hitting Surface – 147 oz. face weight

This is the secondary Tee Line/Hitting Mat surface available. Polypropylene allows for a stiffer fiber which makes this ideal for heavy traffic Tee Lines. Used by many of the top 100 golf courses in the US. This product DOES NOT replace the real grass, it gives the grass time to heal properly. Can be installed on a compacted aggregate base or on concrete. Concrete will extend the life of the turf.

Check out the full spec’s page here!

EZ Tee Hybrid

CX-112 EZ Tee Hybrid

1 1/8” Polypropylene/Nylon Blend Hitting Surface – 161 oz. face weight

This is the top end Tee Line/Hitting Mat surface available. Polypropylene and nylon blend allows for a fuller fiber with soft feel through impact. Used by many of the top 100 golf courses in the US. This product DOES NOT replace the real grass, it gives the grass time to heal properly. Can be installed on a compacted aggregate base or on concrete. Concrete will extend the life of the turf.

Check out the full spec’s page here!

EZ Tee Nylon

SP-167 EZ Tee Nylon

1” Pure Nylon Hitting Surface – 127 oz. face weight

The newest of the EZ Tee products EZ Tee Nylon offers a 100% Nylon fiber. This product allows the club head to go “down and thru” and does not provide shock on wrists, arms, or elbows. The softness of yarn also allows the golfer to be conscious of footwork and balance as you would on a natural grass surface. As well the wear patterns of this new product wear straight down which allows the use of a natural wooden tee throughout its life. Can be installed on a compacted aggregate base or on concrete. Concrete will extend the life of the turf.

Check out the full spec’s sheet here!

Canadian Courses Utilizing EZ Tee® Products

  •  Toronto Golf and Country Club – Toronto, ON
  • The Club at Bond Head – Toronto, ON
  • Port Carling – Port Carling, ON
  • Idylwylde Golf and Country Club, ON
  • Barrie Country Club – Barrie, ON
  • Bayview – Thorn Hill, ON
  • Beacon Hall – Aurora, ON
  • Barrie G&CC – Barrie, ON
  • Cedarbrae – Scarborough, ON
  • The Fairways at Kirrie Glen – Bracebridge, ON
  • Idylwylde G&CC – Sudbury, ON
  • Muskoka Highlands – Bracebridge, ON
  • North Granite Ridge – Port Sydney, ON
  • Port Carling – Port Carling, ON
  • Ridge at Manitou – Parry Sound, ON
  • Thunder Highlands – Tiny, ON
  • Toronto Golf and Country Club – Toronto, ON
  • Royal Montreal – Ile Bizard, QC
  • Marine Drive – Vancouver, BC
  • Tobiano – Kamloops, BC
  • Two Eagles – Kelowna, BC
  • Tower Ranch – Kelowna, BC
  • Marine Drive – Vancouver, BC
  • Nicklaus North – Whistler, BC

For further information or samples of the entire EZ Tee Line contact a Synthetic Turf International representative today!

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