The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

putting green synthetic turf

It’s a Dad’s World, brought to you by Synthetic Turf Canada and Interior Pool and Spa

It happens the same way every year, you look at the calendar and Father’s Day is this weekend! What are you supposed to get Dad? He says he doesn’t want anything and you don’t have enough in your piggy bank to buy that fancy sports car he dreams about.

What if we could offer you a solution to this, for free?

Synthetic Turf Canada and Interior Pool and Spa teamed up with K96.3 radio in Kelowna, BC to give one lucky Dad the best Father’s Day gift imaginable with, It’s a Dad’s World! The lucky winner will receive a hot tub, portable putting green, and a synthetic turf door mat custom made of their favourite sports team! Can you imagine telling your Dad you’re giving him the grand prize this year? That would turn the house into such a fun space to enjoy all year round!

All you have to do to enter is fill out your name here and listen to win!

putting green turf



Snap Fitness Chilliwack Installs CrossFit Athletic Turf

Snap Fitness Turf

This months’ featured install comes from STI Langley. They had the opportunity to work with Snap Fitness in Chilliwack, BC on their new flooring options for the facility.

STI Langley used our very popular Trainer’s Choice turf in red for this project, as well as including a custom logo in the center of the gym.

Snap Fitness Turf


Snap Fitness Turf

Trainer’s Choice is a great turf option for gyms, as it allows all equipment to perform properly while providing enough cushioning under the foot. This turf is available in many colours, allowing most companies the opportunity to install turf that matches the colour scheme of the space. It’s also a great choice for companies wishing to include a logo in the turf. We have the ability to water-jet cut and seam the logo into your roll of turf right at our plant for you.

Snap Fitness Turf


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New Pet Friendly Synthetic Turf Backyard in Kelowna, BC


The featured install this month comes from STI Kelowna. The clients were unhappy with their current yard and wanted to add usable green space for their two puppies. The space was full of loose gravel and had one section of another manufacturer’s turf, which they were unhappy with the odor, texture and continuous weeds. Before Turf

Backyard Before
Side Yard Before

The family has two large breed dogs so they were looking for a solution to make their life a bit easier while creating an aesthetically pleasing space at the same time.

Our team began by removing the other artificial turf and getting the ground ready for our brand new turf. They were debating between a few of our products so we guided them. They chose a product that was just released new for 2016, SoftLawn® Bermuda Blend, so everyone was excited to see it installed.

Artificial Turf

Backyard After

SoftLawn® Bermuda Blend is a polypropylene/polyethylene blend which was important for this installation. They shouldn’t have a nylon product especially when pets will be in the area, as nylon has a 16% absorption rate. This is likely what caused the odors in the yard prior. Our Bermuda Blend turf comes in our popular Field/Olive colour and stands 1 ¼” tall with 87 oz/sq.yd.

Side Yard After

The clients were just as pleased as we were with the final outcome, what a transformation! This is a great product for people with pets or who prefer the shorter pile height of turf. It looks aesthetically pleasing and makes cleaning up the yard much easier and cleaner overall.

Since completing this installation, this new synthetic turf product has been installed over 20 times across Canada. We are very excited about how great it looks installed especially.

Synthetic TurfBackyard After

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Happy Spring! From Synthetic Turf Canada

Winter Putting Green

In some parts of Canada, Spring has been warmly welcomed with blue skies, sunshine and even temperatures reaching 20! Meanwhile, other areas saw a fresh snowfall and temperatures well below freezing.

No matter which part of the country we are in, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “how will my synthetic turf hold up over the harsh Canadian winters?” The truth is, snow, hail and freezing temperatures do no damage to the artificial turf. Due to the unique way the yarn fibers are created, they can withstand the heavy snow sitting on the turf for months on end. We have installed synthetic grass lawns and sports fields as far North as Nunavut, and they see more snow and cold winter conditions than most of us could imagine. None of our projects have been affected by the conditions endured in these types of locations. It is fine to walk on the turf, let the dogs out over the winter, and even leave Mr. Snowman out there while it’s freezing.

The only tricky part of synthetic turf in these conditions is the initial installation. We strongly recommend all installations be completed in above freezing conditions to ensure the sub base won’t shift and the turf is secure. For example, in Nunavut we waited until their warmest time of year (August) to install their artificial grass to ensure it would look great year round.

Winter Putting Green

These home owners choose to use their green year round!

When Spring arrives in your area, and the snow has melted, our certified installers would be happy to provide a Spring Cleaning of the turf to ensure it looks it’s best. This includes using a power broom to remove any debris that has settled over the winter months, as well as checking for any potential problem areas of the turf. Homeowners could also perform these tasks themselves using a leaf blower and giving the turf a good once over.

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A Golfer’s Dream Bedroom

Synthetic turf can be used in many different ways, and in many different places. STI Toronto used our popular putting surface in place of carpet for this little golfer. The client explained their daughter was an avid golfer and wanted a putting green in their room. This was a fun project creating such a unique space for the clients. synthetic turf bedroom

You can see from the photos below, they used the putting surface as the main ground cover, and included a secondary product as a fringe for the surrounding space. synthetic turf bedroom

STI Toronto added the design detail you see below, including the real life curves in the fringe to make it feel like a true outdoor green. The possibilities are endless with Synthetic Turf, if you have an idea, we can bring it to life for you! synthetic turf bedroom

synthetic turf bedroom

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Synthetic Turf Backyard

This fall we had a client with quite a large and spread out yard inquire about our products. They were concerned about the costs as the space was so large and irregularly shaped. We know that not all yards come in the perfect square shape as if they were made for a roll of turf, that’s why we are here! Our team can help work with you to design the space to work for what you are imagining. We can also show you a wide range of products to work within your budget.


This client chose to use one of our lower end products, which just means the product is a bit shorter standing just 1 1/4″ tall, and has 60 oz/sq.yd. As you can see from these photos, it still looks great and you can’t even tell it’s synthetic! This yard looks great and had quite a transformation from the before to now.


synthetic turf backyard


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Spring Clean Your Synthetic Lawn!

You’ve done all of your spring cleaning, brought out your summer wardrobe and scrubbed all the hidden nooks and crannies. The barbeque has come out of hibernating and you have your patio ready to entertain. Your synthetic lawn is greener, and fuller than all your neighbors. But why not kick that up a notch and have your local Synthetic Turf International agent give it a spring refresh!


A quick spring clean-up from your installer can provide several benefits!
Here are only a few:

  • Clean up any debris that has settled on the turf over the winter. This will ensure no organic matter settles deep in the blades which weeds can actually sprout out of.
  • Brush the fibers back up. By power sweeping your artificial lawn you can create that new look by getting all the fibers back in an upright position. Especially if they have been weighted down by snow!
  • Check infill levels and do a top up if necessary. This will ensure any sand or ceramic spheres which may have migrated from natural causes have been replaced. Ensuring you have the appropriate amount of infill will help you rest assured that the infill is doing its job correctly. Not sure what that job is? Check out the article Advantages to Using Infill   in Artificial Turfs to find out.
  • Ensure your seams and edging are in good shape.  An installer, who knows the warning signs of sub base, seam, and edging failure, can assure you that no funny business is going on, and if there is they can correct it before it becomes a bigger issue.
  • It’s an inexpensive way to have a professional installer take a look over your lawn to answer any questions you may have and provide some additional tips on how to maintain your synthetic turf so that it looks good as new for several years to come!

So what are you waiting for? Call an experienced synthetic turf agent today to have a spring refresher done!

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