Indoor Synthetic Turf Uses

A stadium full of fans watching a soccer match being played on synthetic turf

Transform Building for Rent

We have had some inquiries by people who have a seasonal business looking to capitalize on their slow season. Owners who have a building sitting empty for consecutive months are laying indoor synthetic turf to create a rentable space for the community. We have seen people create a space for sports practices, like a mini soccer field open to the public to rent or for off-season athletic training for personal trainers who don’t want to train outdoors in the cold. We have also seen people convert their space into a place for corporate functions or weddings. A covered space with the look and feel of the outdoors does very well in the rental market. Corporate functions, birthday parties, and community events have kept these spaces booked during the businesses off season.

A stadium full of fans watching a soccer match being played on synthetic turf


There has been a growing trend in North America towards golf related activities in the entertainment industry. Businesses like Top Golf are doing extremely well in creating a fun environment similar to going bowling back in the day. They create a bar vibe, with DJs playing music, food and beverage for purchase, and teams competing against each other for the best score.

Indoor Mini Putt Course

Arcades and children’s entertainment buildings often include a mini putt course indoors to keep the business going in the winter. The businesses we have worked with often include an outdoor course, and then another version indoors for when the weather doesn’t permit play outdoors. The options are unlimited with our coloured turf and ability to work with any design and space.

indoor artificial turf

Flooring for Play Areas

Daycare facilities are moving towards only using synthetic turf as the fall height ratings and durability are unmatched. Our EZ Play system is designed specifically for these types of facilities with play structures and keep kids safety at the top of mind.

Trade shows and convention displays

Synthetic turf has become the go to flooring option for many vendors at their exhibits. The variety of the product line provides many options when choosing a style and appearance of the booth. On top of variety, it is also a cost effective way to add a certain uniqueness to your display!

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How Synthetic Grass can Boost your Property’s Value

artificial synthetic grass lawn maintenance outdoor athletic sports golf

Many homeowners are choosing to replace their natural lawns with artificial grass in order to increase the resale value of their homes.

The benefits of Synthetic Turf are endless. It’s virtually maintenance-free, requires no water, contains recyclable components, and no chemical or fertilizers are required – just to name a few. With so many benefits and homeowners making the switch, Synthetic Turf’s team decided to compile a list of the top reasons artificial grass will boost your property’s value.

  • Recreational Area
  • Price Comparison
  • Low Maintenance Lawn Care
  • Curb Appeal

Create Recreational and Leisurely Outdoor Space

Artificial turf is durable, easy to maintain, creates a high quality and safe playing surface for children, dogs and sports. It’s an excellent investment for you and your family. SoftLawn® is one of our most popular products.

SoftLawn® is the same quality product used in school playgrounds, play yards, and lawn applications. It’s lush, lifelike and the synthetic surface boasts a realistic “fresh cut” appearance combined with a soft pleasing feel. Spend more time outside with your family and enjoy the benefits of Synthetic Turf’s incredible products.

There are also tons of options for outdoor sports areas, such as putting greens, bocce courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields and more.

Synthetic Turf vs Natural Grass Price Comparison

The initial installation price of Synthetic Turf can be expensive, but the long-term benefits and lengthy warranty makes Synthetic Turf a savvy investment. Plus, save on gas, oil and general upkeep on lawn mowers and trimmers.

Once Synthetic Turf is installed, the warranty and durability ensure a gorgeous green and natural looking lawn for years to come. Artificial turf provides the same green natural appeal and softness as natural grass, without the expense.

Low Maintenance Lawn Care

If you currently own a natural grass lawn then you know first hand that lawn care and maintenance often take up a lot of our spare time and it can quite costly over time. Regular lawn care responsibilities including mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing and reseeding aren’t an issue with Synthetic Turf.

The quality, feel, environmental effects and upkeep of artificial grass continue to massively improve every year, which means simpler maintenance and lawn care benefits. This is an exceptional benefit that will certainly boost the value of your property.

Curb Appeal

The first thing homebuyers see when they arrive on your property is your lawn. A well maintained and green lawn will impress buyers. There are lots of gorgeous lawn and landscaping options with Synthetic Turf that look incredible, but require low maintenance. We offer a wide selection of high quality artificial grass products to make your lawn pristine.

The benefits of artificial turf outweigh those of natural grass. If you’re interested in saving money, conserving water, and creating a home with exceptional curb appeal, consider artificial turf.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Synthetic Turf Owner

biion shoes for golf

The holidays are upon us and the dreaded question is already hanging over many of us, ‘what do I buy for Dad?’ We all have that family member who is tough to buy for; that’s why we’ve put together this list to help make the decisions easier this year! Our office suggested some of their favourite gifts to give and receive and we compiled the top gifts!

For the Golfer

If someone in your life has a synthetic turf putting green, what better gift than a pair of trendy Biion golf shoes to bust out for the next season. These shoes have become a recent craze across Canada and the USA, and can be worn on the course, to the lake, or in everyday life. With their recent partnership with Disney, you can expect to see even more options for the kiddos coming soon!

biion shoes for golf

If you want to go all out for the golfer in your life, the Performance Tracker is an awesome gift. It tracks data like distance hits and driving accuracy that is viewed on the mobile app.

For the Pet Lover

Personalized gifts are some of our favourites for the pet lovers in our lives. Items like this ‘dog mama’ coffee mug are a great stocking stuffer for your mum. Or go for a piece like this custom key holder, it doubles as adorable home décor too! Don’t forget some treats for the little puppy too!

For the Family

Prefer to give minimally and gift one item for the whole family? Why not give them a fun yard game they can enjoy on their synthetic turf backyard all summer! Life size Jenga and Ladder Toss are the office favourites among us.

baby on synthetic turf

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Synthetic Turf Treatment and Care

Sythetic Turf Artifical Grass

95% of synthetic turf customers have agreed that one of their main motivators to purchase artificial turf was for the low maintenance space. Many of our residential customers purchase homes with a small patch of natural grass in the front yard, which is a growing trend among new builds. Home owners find this to be more of a nuisance to water, fertilize, mow and maintain. Imagine dragging a lawn mower up the side to the front of the house for a 10×10’ patch of grass every few days, the thought is enough to annoy us!

The benefit of having synthetic turf is that there is zero maintenance required. Any maintenance packages we offer are completely optional and purely for aesthetics (mainly after winter when everything could use a little love). Some clients live in very high wind areas, or have more than the average amount of trees nearby, in which case we recommend using a leaf blower to remove fallen debris from the artificial turf.

synthetic turf putting green

Spring Refresh by Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf Canada has a strong Spring Refresh Program available to all customers. An added benefit of working with us is that we can manage all maintenance and turf care for you. Some of our customers like to take part in the Spring Refresh program once a year to give their yard a bit of a spruce up before the busy summer season. A Spring Refresh includes power wash, removal of debris, and brushing of the synthetic turf to leave it looking brand new. They typically take 1-2 hours for most projects and can be scheduled at any time. We do have a Spring Refresh list started for 2018 clients, so if you know you will want to take part when the snow clears, let us know and we can get your home added to the schedule.

Sythetic Turf Artifical Grass

Cleaning Synthetic Turf for Pets

Synthetic turf installed with the primary focus being a dog run may need a bit more attention than the average backyard or putting green space. For these projects, we recommend installing with a product called Zeolite which acts as a deodorizer and actively removes any poor scents. Whether a project was installed with Zeolite or not, there is another product we recommend for clients having problems with pet odours, Pro Vet Logic. This is a spray that is applied to a completed installation at any time there is deemed to be a pet problem. It is completely safe for use around pets and children, so families don’t need to worry about the safety factor.

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Synthetic Turf Backyard Putting Green

synthetic turf putting green

Our team of distributors love walking clients through the planning of their new space. One of the contributing factors to our client’s happiness with the end result is their involvement throughout the process. We start by assessing the client’s needs as everyone has a different definition of what they are looking for out of their synthetic turf.

Assess the Need for Synthetic Turf

We encounter families of avid golfers, pet lovers, and those ready to just be able to entertain. A putting green provides the perfect gathering space for a backyard. Adults and children alike love the chance to putt into the various holes and try new angles and tricks based on the shape of the green our team builds. It gets people excited as they take turns playing on the green and often gets the competitive side of people out too!

Create the Design Layout

If you have a rough idea of how you imagine your new space, but need some help with the details, we can help with that! Our team has experience in designing all sorts of spaces, and our customers love that we show you exactly how it will look through our SketchUp Design program. Being able to see the space laid out and how the colours compare against each other makes the decision of which quote to go ahead with much easier.

Keep the Client Informed

Open communication throughout the scheduling and installation helps keep our clients in the loop throughout the full process. When clients understand what is going on and when to expect installers on their property, the project flows much smoother and everyone is happy.

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synthetic turf putting green

Synthetic Turf Driving Range and Tee Line Options

Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass & Lawns Tee Line

Traditional Golf in Canada

Canadians would agree that golf is a favourite activity country wide. Home to 2,298 public and private golf facilities, with 77% of the total golf supply located in Canada’s four most populated provinces- Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. Almost six million Canadians play sixty million rounds of golf per year. With the sport being so readily available to most Canadians, some are beginning to wonder how golf is changing with the younger generations?

markland wood synthetic turf

Turf for Alternative Golf Games

With the ever-increasing price of real estate, courses are being bulldozed for new developments. Many Canadians wonder if the 18-hole game will attract younger golfers to the sport. The traditional sport has seen many attempts to bring some new sense of fun to the game to attract a wider range of players. Arguably the most successful attempt in North America would be Topgolf, which is coming to Canada later this year.

Topgolf operates multi-tiered driving ranges with players using micro-chipped golf balls, which they aim at giant targets in the landing area. Instant feedback is provided to the golfer and different games can be played using the system.

However, the atmosphere is much different than a traditional driving range. Each climate-controlled hitting bay includes a lounge area with music, televisions showing live sports, and food and beverage service. In many ways, it’s like putting a driving range in the middle of a sports bar. It’s become a huge hit in the 33 current locations it operates, attracting a diverse demographic of customers.” –TSN, 2017.

synthetic turf indoor driving range

Ripped Links is another new idea that has emerged this past year with events in Vancouver, BC.  The game is staged in various locations like a beach or urban setting, with golfers hitting off elevated platforms with synthetic turf hitting mats, to the artificial turf putting green where they putt and sink the hole. Add in the music festival atmosphere surrounding the crowds and you’ve got a unique and fun golf event catered directly to the younger generations.

synthetic turf tee line

Synthetic turf allows these new games to continue to flourish year-round. While most of Canada is knee deep in snow, these new indoor driving range facilities allow players to get out and practice or enjoy the entertainment value year-round.

Synthetic Turf Tee Lines

We know that even though these new games are a hit, nothing will take away the original golf game on a natural course from avid golfers. To ensure the natural tee line is as pristine as the course requires, it can be beneficial to allow it time to rest for some periods of the year while it is maintained. A great alternative is to have a synthetic tee line in one area to allow continuous use of the driving range. EZTee® synthetic turf is the preferred option by top courses around the globe.

Synthetic Turf International of Canada’s EZ Tee® nylon tee line surface is an innovative artificial turf system, designed specifically for driving range tee lines. In addition to being able to hit down and through the ball, golfers can also hit from a regulation golf tee placed directly in the EZ Tee® surface. This is a stark departure from the white plastic tube that serves as a tee in other synthetic tee line surfaces. In addition to the realistic playability of EZ Tee®, club owners and equity members benefit greatly from its cost-effectiveness. EZ Tee® permits continuous use, eliminating the need to relocate and reseed driving range areas. Appropriate for tee lines and hitting mats, EZ Tee® can be installed over natural base or concrete.

synthetic turf tee line

Fall is the time to begin planning, budgeting and scheduling, to have the new tee line installed for the start of the upcoming season. Golf and country clubs strive to hit the ground running soon as weather permits in the Spring. Having a synthetic turf tee line available to members on the first nice day of the year not only allows the course to begin earning profits much earlier than expected, but members will be raving about the incredible customer service by lengthening their season!

EZTee® Products

We offer two main hitting or tee line products in our EZTee® product line, EZTee® Poly and EZTee® Hybrid. The product specs can be read on our website here for both options.

Satisfied EZTee® Customers

A few of our favourite EZTee® projects we’ve worked on recently, for a complete list of courses with EZTee®, please visit our Satisfied Customers list here.

  1. Two Eagles Golf Course
  2. Pebble Beach Golf
  3. Riverbend Golf Course

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Golf Canada, 2017

Artificial Grass Can Protect Your Yard

synthetic turf backyard

With the seasons starting to change across Canada, most neighbourhoods start to see the wildlife adjusting to new temperatures. Bears begin to scavenge for food before hibernation, and birds fly south. A large draw to synthetic turf backyards is the fact that it’s now a non-organic space, so it won’t attract deer, bears, or the occasional wildlife we’ve grown to see wander through our neighbourhoods.

synthetic turf yard

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Attract Animals

There is no research to suggest that animals are drawn to synthetic turf more than natural grass. Any suggestion that they are is a long-held myth. Many employees of our company and our customers can attest to the fact that it will not be a problem. When the backyard synthetic turf is kept free of garbage and debris, there is no longer anything to attract wildlife. In Western Canada, wildlife is most commonly drawn to berry bushes surrounding people’s backyards, often when backing up to a uninhabited wetland. If you have a berry bush, a simple way to keep the wildlife out is by putting up a fence along the turf line to deter the animals from strolling right through your yard.

synthetic turf backyard

Synthetic Turf Can’t be Damaged by Animals

If you have those sneaky little racoons or other animals that just weasel their way into your yard no matter what you do, you can rest assured they won’t damage your synthetic grass. The turf is made up of various yarn types, essentially a plastic, so it is very durable and can withstand the foot traffic. As most of our products are designed for pets, they can also handle being used by wildlife.

synthetic grass backyard

Synthetic Turf Doesn’t Hurt the Animals

We often get asked, ‘but will the artificial turf harm the wildlife?’ The answer is no. Our turf is all designed to be completely safe for pets and children, so there are no components that would be unsafe for wild animals. They won’t be able to rip it or eat it as the backing to our products is so strong holding it together.

artificial turf

Turf is Easy to Clean

If the berry-eating animal makes his way into your yard and makes a mess of berry juice and branches, you don’t need to worry! Synthetic turf is very easy to clean and maintain. The debris can be removed with a leaf blower, and any spills can be cleaned off with a pressure washer. If there is a big mess, a cloth or brush can be used to wipe the area clean and just pressure wash it to remove any residue. The turf will air dry and be good as new again.

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Synthetic Turf Can Improve Employee Morale

synthetic turf bocce

Companies are always looking for fresh new ideas to keep the company morale up and inspire their employees to stay motivated. There have been many studies done around this and they generally come back with the same array of results. Employees who feel valued, cared for, competent and comfortable in their work environment are four times more likely to stay with the company than employees who don’t. Happiness has been a key factor in employee productivity, especially when employees are working in team or group environments where morale spreads to others if a situation isn’t handled quickly. That’s why we came up with some creative ways to help boost our employee’s morale around the office and keep their energy up.

Synthetic Turf Finds 3 Creative Ways to Increase Employee Morale

Artificial Grass and Thinking Green

Creating a work space that drives creativity and fresh new ideas is key to promote motivation. One way to do that is to have a central area where employees can go unwind for a few minutes.  A dart board and pool table make for a great space full of distraction and fun to reset the mind and body before heading back into a project. Alternatively, some books and comfy couches can go a long way to reset the mind. Create a space with a change of scenery and get creative to increase the creativity among employees. Courtyards, rooftop patios, or even converting a spare corner into a soothing oasis goes a long way. Synthetic turf can be used to create a gathering space in an indoor office building that feels like a real garden. Adding some plants and synthetic turf changes the entire feel of the space into an outdoor oasis, right around the corner from your desk.

synthetic turf showroom


Allowing Time for Personal Projects

It’s more important in today’s age than ever before to allow your employees the freedom to be who they are. This includes bringing a taste of their personal interests into the workplace. Many companies have had great success with monthly or annual volunteer programs. It works by allowing the employee to choose their own cause to donate their time to, in exchange for 4 hours a month in the office, or however your team chooses to allocate the time. Celebrating your employee’s personal victories and success stories at an annual Christmas party is a great way to recognize their hard work towards something they are passionate about.

Artificial Grass Can Offer Something Meaningful and Fun

Providing an employee an extra day off work to spend however they choose in their birthday month is a great way to show them you care about them! Many companies are taking this incentive on and employees have reported great feedback.

synthetic turf bocce

Have another idea that works well for your office? We would love to hear what else companies are doing to keep their employees engaged in the work place, comment below to share your ideas!

Rooftop Patio Synthetic Turf Bocce Court

synthetic turf bocce

Synthetic Turf Kelowna had the opportunity to install one of Synthetic Turf International’s newly released specialty products, Bocce Pro. The project was completed earlier this Spring in Penticton to get ready for the new business’ opening schedule. The clients wanted to create a space meant for gathering where guests can mingle and enjoy the newly renovated outdoor space. They decided to go with a large Bocce Ball area, with some comfy chairs and twinkling lights to create a lounge vibe to the one end.

Bocce is taking off in the Okanagan, the popular game is being added to bars, patios, and parks all over. Bocce is an outdoor yard game, played in teams of 2-4. Eight balls and one small marker are used, and the object of the game is to roll your team’s ball nearest to the marker. The team closest to it after rolling all 4 balls wins.

synthetic turf bocceBocce has been rapidly growing in interest recently so it was exciting that a client was interested in creating a Bocce space shortly after we released our brand new Bocce Pro synthetic turf product.

synthetic turf bocce

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Synthetic Golf Turf Oasis in Kelowna

synthetic turf putting green

This Spring, Synthetic Turf Kelowna started working closely with many landscape contractors

in the Okanagan. We see so many opportunities for customers to get a new and beautiful artificial grass in their backyard. Whether it is installing a putting green to practice your golf skills at home, or simply a low maintenance option for your newly landscaped backyard, Synthetic Turf has the right materials and expertise help you with your project.

synthetic turf putting greenSTI Kelowna offers monthly seminars to train local contractors on best practices and product knowledge to help them get started in the turf world.

This spring we collaborated with to complete the following project. The clients wanted to fill their courtyard with two putting greens, so we worked with the landscape architect to create this dream space. The six-hole putting area came together very nicely. The clients now have a beautiful and relaxing outdoor space to enjoy for years to come!

synthetic turf putting green

There are many great benefits to installing synthetic grass in your backyard this summer. Here are the top four reasons:

1. Synthetic Turf Can Enhance the Value of Your Home

A unique selling feature for your home is always a great way to entice buyers when you are putting your home on the market. Here in the Okanagan, with the amazing weather that we experience, a home putting green is a asset that can help increase the value of your home. A well maintained lawn and landscape can really improve the curb appeal of your home.

2. Turf is Low Maintenance

Synthetic grass is a simple way to cut down the time that you spend on maintenance. You can keep your backyard looking great while skipping the daily waterings and constant cuttings. The installation of synthetic turf will decrease the size of your water bill and who doesn’t love smaller bills?

3. Go Pesticide Free in Kelowna

The safety of your family is so important and Synthetic Turf understands that. By installing synthetic turf your family is protected from coming in contact with harmful pesticides that are used on many lawns. Not only can we protect your family from exposure to chemicals, but we can also protect the environment.

Harmful and toxic chemicals are applied to many lawns in order to keep them green and full. Installing synthetic turf allows you to do a small part in protecting our environment.

4. Improve Your Golf Skills

Above all, who doesn’t want to improve their game? Having your own putting green allows you to spend more time perfecting your short game. This will help you take strokes off your game and impress your friends.

artificial turf putting greenView of the backyard with the putting greens overlooking the lake

Taking the steps to have your own putting green in your backyard can seem intimidating, that is why the experts at Synthetic Turf are here to help. We can asses your project, recommend the best products and give you all the tools you need to keep your lawn and backyard looking dreamy for years to come.

synthetic turf putting green

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