A Synthetic Turf Transformation

Backyard After

Often times when we receive a call from someone looking for synthetic turf, it is because they are so tired of spending all their time maintaining their yard, only to get busy for one week and it looks like a mess again. They are looking for a permanent solution. This installation was a perfect example of this type of exhaustion from a client. 

Backyard Before Photo

One visit to the yard and our team knew they would need to propose a drastic transformation to give this client the kind of low maintenance and clean look they were after. These before photos show the back and side yard as we found them.

Side Yard Before Photo

One week later, look at this transformation that took place! The side yard is now a clean, usable space that their dog already loves. It’s completely fenced to give the privacy they were looking for from neighbours, without a cluttered appearance. It is now easy and safe to access the back of the house from around the side.

Side Yard After Photo

Their backyard was just as big of a transformation! They now have a spacious 4 hole putting green with room still for their hot tub, lounge chairs and patio. Not to mention there’s plenty of room around the green for the family’s dog to play now.

Backyard After Photo

We are so excited this family now has a clean, safe space to enjoy outdoors, and they don’t have to spend hours a week mowing or watering! All it took was a little synthetic turf.

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Featured Install: Synthetic Turf Putting Green in Toronto, ON

The featured installation this month comes from Synthetic Turf Toronto. They have created a stunning 3,000 sq.ft 6 hole synthetic turf putting green with synthetic bunker too! The putting green features a full fringe as well as rough for the rest of the yard to utilize as much space for the green as possible. On top of this, they managed to keep a nice outer portion of the yard for a simple garden and rock features.

synthetic putting green

This putting green features the premium products which we feel contrast so nicely in colour, NP50 for the putting surface and Pro Cut for the fringe, with a rough area built out of Bluegrass Blend.

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Featured Install: Synthetic Turf Putting Green Makeover -Kelowna, BC

This client is a fine example of how synthetic turf can really give your home that touch of green space without the maintenance. They have a fully drought resistant landscape around the front of the house, and incorportated a small patch of landscape turf to give that curb appeal “wow” look.

Meanwhile, in the backyard, they decided to go for the fun factor. This client is an avid golfer who placed functionality over aesthetics in order to have a perfect practice space at home. A spacious three hole putting green is the feature of their yard as seen below. This design allowed them to have their putting green, and still have space for landscape turf surrounding it.This provides an inviting place to enjoy hot summer days or let the dog run free. The outskirts of the yard was kept as drought resistant landscaping as well, meaning this family doesn’t need to spend any time or water on their yard to keep it looking like this! What a bonus!

The products were chosen to give our client the most realistic feel to practice on. He went with our premium putting surface, NP50 to work on his putting game. The surrounding turf is our SoftLawn EZPlay, as this turf is a great surface to chip from. He really enjoyed the short height to practice hitting the green from. The added benefit of EZ Play is that it’s a great option for their Rottweiler. It’s a pet approved surface that works very well for this client’s needs.


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Synthetic Turf Toronto Builds 20,000 sq.ft Backyard Putting Green

The featured installation this month comes out of Toronto, ON. Our team in Toronto had a large residential golf project this fall which turned into quite an impressive yard!

This project features STI Tour Shot as the putting surface, SoftLawn EZ Play as the fringe, and SoftLawn Select as the rough. Together these created an 18,000 square foot putting green! Most people dream of practicing on a green like this, so our team had a great time creating this space for our client. The yard also features a 700 square foot tee deck created from our EZ Tee system, as seen below. To finish it off, they added in two synthetic bunkers out of our Bunker Turf for a total of 1,100 square feet to get stuck in the bunker. What a fun area this was when complete! To grasp the size of this project, just take a look at the three golf carts parked near the green above.

The finished project fits right in with his natural backdrop of a treed in area over looking the pond. The colours worked so well together and the space was used to its full potential. This golf lover couldn’t have been more excited to get out there and start practicing in his own backyard.

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Featured Install: Mini Golf Course in Perth, Ontario

Our STI Ottawa team were offered an opportunity to work on a large and exciting artificial turf project this summer. They worked together with the clients to create a large mini putt course. This was a fun project because the entire course was blue, like waterways! They used our popular Pro Ball Turf in Blue to get the look the client was envisioning. It involved intricate cuts along numerous rock and tree edges as you can see from the photo below.


The finished mini golf course was built through the streams and treed in areas to really give it a natural feeling while wandering through the course. The scenery was picturesque and flowed with the landscape of the course itself. They incorporated trees and rocks along the whole course to give a fluid experience.


We love that they found ways to use the space while leaving the natural habitat in tact. Working around nature’s obstacles was part of what made this project so unique. We can’t wait to go play this unique synthetic turf putting course later this summer and invite everyone to come check it out in Perth, Ontario.


To learn more about Canada Synthetic Turf International or our products, take a look through our putting brochure.

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Featured Install: Synthetic Turf Putting Green in Toronto, ON

July’s featured install showcases a beautiful backyard in Toronto, completed by Jeremy Stunt of STI Toronto.

The client had a great space to create a large four-hole artificial turf putting green; they even included a full bunker behind it!






The space felt so much bigger after the installation was completed. The yard just opened right up and the large playing surface made it so much more enjoyable.



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Featured Install: Lakeview Putting Green- Kelowna, BC

Everyone in BC was extremely lucky this year to have such a short winter. We were experiencing Spring-like temperatures as early as February! People were out hiking, running, and for many home owners, spring cleaning their yards. For many of our guys, this meant an early start to the season with Synthetic Turf International Canada.

STI Kelowna was excited to begin installs by late February. We were flooded with interest and had projects lined up earlier than ever. This project was one of our installers’ favourites to work on so far this year, because look at that view!

After removing the existing ground coverings, the base is brought in and any wanted contours are built. Here, the cups have been placed for positioning before the turf is rolled out.



After just two days, this is the transformation that took place. This couple now has their very own place to practice before hitting the course this summer.

 synthetic putting green

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Synthetic Turf Helps Edible Gardens Bloom

This year we thought we would try something new. We have redesigned our yard to create a local, impressive show piece for our clients to see a variety of high end products. Scott’s love of golf made the decision to have a large focus on the putting green quite easy. And so the design began! There is a large 900 sq.ft 3-hole putting green, 3 chipping decks and even 2 “sand” bunkers under the trees. There is a large area between the putting green and laneway where we used our popular SoftLawn Plush Pro, a turf that gives the lush, realistic appearance of a lawn. In the one section we have added a 2” foam pad, displaying the surface we use under play equipment. This soft surface is safe and satisfies HIC and fall ratings up to 12’.


synthetic turf garden 

Scott also wanted an area solely dedicated to growing vegetables. He had wanted to grow his own vegetables, spices, and try to eat more local, fresh foods. The idea became that there would be large wooden boxes lining the entire outside edges of the yard, about 40ft long, 3ft wide and 1ft deep. Now you would think the ideas stopped there, we have a putting green, an area to play and let the dog run around on, and a full edible garden, what more could anyone want? Well, Scott decided to incorporate the synthetic turf into his garden. He lined the insides of the boxes with a short piled turf. The theory behind this innovation was to allow for an increase of gaseous exchange vital for root growth and healthy plants. As an added bonus, it also protects the wood from the damp soil. It was a bit of an experiment as there isn’t much research into this (as far as we have found) so we didn’t know what to expect fully.


building the garden

synthetic turf garden

artificial grass lining


edible garden

The results were amazing! The garden produced so much fresh produce and it was all so colourful, tasty and huge! The garden had some of the biggest vegetables we had ever seen! And so many of them! As an added bonus there were much fewer unwanted weeds a synthetic turf reduced the amount of wind-blown spores in the air. The plants and trees further assist with the CO2 uptake, compensating for the loss of native grass in the area. In the end, there was much more time spent using the yard and enjoying the fresh vegetables, rather than working on it and buying groceries.


watering the garden 

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and artificial turf can have a truly realistic appearance without the hassle associated with the real grass. Growing live plants balances the footprint of synthetic turf. By planting edible vegetables and plants that will put food on your table, you are doing your part to eat local and promote the much healthier local economy.


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