Synthetic Turf Kelowna Provides GaGa Pit to Local School

STI Kelowna had a fun project arise this summer, when Kelowna Christian School approached them.

They were looking for a fun new twist to play in their school yard. A GaGa pit seemed like the perfect addition for this school. STI Kelowna did some research and designed a standard sized GaGa pit. The base was laid down first, and then the side walls went up. Lastly, the turf was laid down to fit before being secured.


The finished product, as seen below, turned out very well with a great play area for the kids.


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Back to School with Synthetic Turf

How is it that summer flies by faster and faster each year? It’s almost as if you’re talking about getting the yard ready for the annual summer bbq, then you blink and summer is nearly over! The kids are heading back to school, the weather is finally cooling off a bit, and you’re left with a dried out, unappealing space to sit outdoors each weekend.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the kids could actually have that swing set or trampoline and not worry about them falling off and hurting themselves? Or have a pet-safe space for your furry friends to run around without worrying about wrecking the lawn? What if we told you we could make these dreams a reality. Artificial lawns are growing in popularity among home owners largely due to the vast improvements in how far fake grass has come since the days of “Astroturf”. Today, you can custom design your lawn to be as full and green as you ever dreamed! Some people opt for a tint of realistic brown to give it the natural look and feel. With a variety of yarn types, we can also make it feel soft or “prickly” through the use of different yarn types. The possibilities really are endless when working with Synthetic Turf International.

Our SoftLawn EZ Play playground system just passed a series of tests last month on our most recent install in Ontario. Our specially designed system includes a 2″ foam underlay with our EZ Play turf on top. This system passed drop heights of up to 12′ -much higher than the tallest point on the play structure. This reassures that children will not suffer from concussion like injuries in the event they do fall. So what are you waiting for, give us a call today!


The photo above shows a pet friendly lawn for their furry friend.

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Featured Install: Playground Turf in Waterloo, ON

 STI Toronto just finished this beautiful facility in Waterloo, Ontario. They created a fun and safe space for children to play at a local day care.



This is an example of our favourite playground application system. They used a 2″ foam underlay beneath our SoftLawn EZPlay turf. This creates a safe play surface in the chance that a child falls from the play structure. To ensure the safety of this system, the day care had a third party research firm come in to complete the GMAX (Maximum Gravitational Force of Impact) and HIC (Head Injury Criteria) tests. We are pleased to confirm that all drop tests were passed with flying colours. Not only did the tests prove the play structure height was safe to fall from, but it would be safe at additional heights also. This is great news for the day care, should they ever wish to replace or add new structures, they don’t have to worry about the height. It is definitely an added bonus as they may wish to grow the playground over the course of the artificial turf’s lifetime.




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The Unspoken Benefit of Synthetic Turf

We often hear people talk about the usual benefits of synthetic turf; we know that it requires low maintenance, no water and provides a soft, safe, and allergen-free area for children and pets. What we don’t hear about very often though, is the fact that bacteria can’t survive in synthetic turf products, and the benefits of that. One of our very own sales representatives has a story about that.

This gentleman, much like all of us, likes to spend his summers outdoors and around his home, and with this comes the typical household chores. Last summer this young man (in his mid-30’s) became ill. He began experiencing flu-like symptoms, but they were lasting for far too long. He then started to go blind in one eye. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong. He was only in his thirties, kept a typical healthy lifestyle, and they didn’t see any red flags. They then discovered he had contracted Toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease which lives in organic materials or on host animals.

Toxoplasmosis can infect most warm-blooded animals, including humans, though the primary host is the cat family. The most significant risks come through contamination of raw meat, hands, and from animals. Up to one third of the world’s population is estimated to be carrying the infection. For some, they will never even know they are carrying it and it will never make them ill. Those with weakened immune systems have a greater chance of becoming severely ill, and it can occasionally be fatal. This parasite can cause an inflammation of the brain, neurological diseases, and can affect all major organs. In this gentleman’s case, the infection had spread to his eye, leading to him losing his eye.

The doctor assumed he picked up the infection by cutting his lawn, handling the grass clippings, then touching his mouth, nose or eyes. The infection then quickly spread to his eye and caused him to lose it. Due to his life-changing experience last year, this man decided to make some changes. Once he learned bacteria can’t survive on synthetic turf, he wanted to make the switch as one of his ways to protect himself and his family from any future harm. He is now a synthetic turf sales representative and promotes all it has to offer. His goal is to educate people to prevent anyone else having this happen to them and get the word out.

As one of his efforts to protect his and all other children, he began promoting the Playground Turf. Children are much more likely to play in the dirt and pick up bacteria on their hands, which then spreads very quickly through those little bundles of energy. The safe recreation surface is ADA/ABA compliant and consistent with all CPSC requirements. It exceeds national safety standards and is ASTM certified. The surface is soft and safe for kids with fall zone safety ratings to 12’. Not to mention, this surface provides a lush, grassy, play area which is inviting for children. Facility owners and parents alike, never again have to worry about exposure or contact with harsh chemicals found in pesticides and fertilizers.


playground fake grass turf kids play safe

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Synthetic Turf International Announces New Product!

Synthetic Turf International of Canada is excited to announce we are working with ThermaGreen Environmental to bring you a wider selection of products! ThermaGreen is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario. This month, we are launching the SoftLawn® EZ Play turf.

This product is best suited for use in playgrounds and high traffic areas. This product is very dense at 87 oz/sq.yd and considered short with its 1 1/4″ height. When traffic and wear are a concern, a short, dense product is what you are looking for! This product is also a polyethylene/polypropylene yarn blend. Polypropylene is the stiffest yarn available, and provides a 0% water absorption rate. Polyethylene is the softest yarn available and also provides a 0% water absorption rate. As a result, the SoftLawn® EZ Play is not subject to expansion or contraction due to temperature or humidity.


SoftLawn® EZ Play contributes to the goals of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). ThermGreen’s Play product line meets the drainage and energy absorption properties under ASTMF1292 and ASTM F355A for HIC and Gmax ratings.

The STC (Synthetic Turf Council), which is the governing body for companies in North America, has set a quality control level for shed loss and tuft bind. This is the amount of pressure which can be applied before shed loss starts to happen. All North American products must meet a minimum standard of 6lb test for tuft bind. We are pleased to say our new SoftLawn® EZ Play has a 12lb tuft bind, doubling the minimum standards.

STI Canada strives to continually improve our selection of products to ensure our customers are receiving the best product available! We want our customers to find exactly what they need with us. The SoftLawn® EZ Play is a great new addition and we are excited to share this new addition with you!

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