Back to School with Synthetic Turf

How is it that summer flies by faster and faster each year? It’s almost as if you’re talking about getting the yard ready for the annual summer bbq, then you blink and summer is nearly over! The kids are heading back to school, the weather is finally cooling off a bit, and you’re left with a dried out, unappealing space to sit outdoors each weekend.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the kids could actually have that swing set or trampoline and not worry about them falling off and hurting themselves? Or have a pet-safe space for your furry friends to run around without worrying about wrecking the lawn? What if we told you we could make these dreams a reality. Artificial lawns are growing in popularity among home owners largely due to the vast improvements in how far fake grass has come since the days of “Astroturf”. Today, you can custom design your lawn to be as full and green as you ever dreamed! Some people opt for a tint of realistic brown to give it the natural look and feel. With a variety of yarn types, we can also make it feel soft or “prickly” through the use of different yarn types. The possibilities really are endless when working with Synthetic Turf International.

Our SoftLawn EZ Play playground system just passed a series of tests last month on our most recent install in Ontario. Our specially designed system includes a 2″ foam underlay with our EZ Play turf on top. This system passed drop heights of up to 12′ -much higher than the tallest point on the play structure. This reassures that children will not suffer from concussion like injuries in the event they do fall. So what are you waiting for, give us a call today!


The photo above shows a pet friendly lawn for their furry friend.

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Synthetic Turf Helps Edible Gardens Bloom

This year we thought we would try something new. We have redesigned our yard to create a local, impressive show piece for our clients to see a variety of high end products. Scott’s love of golf made the decision to have a large focus on the putting green quite easy. And so the design began! There is a large 900 sq.ft 3-hole putting green, 3 chipping decks and even 2 “sand” bunkers under the trees. There is a large area between the putting green and laneway where we used our popular SoftLawn Plush Pro, a turf that gives the lush, realistic appearance of a lawn. In the one section we have added a 2” foam pad, displaying the surface we use under play equipment. This soft surface is safe and satisfies HIC and fall ratings up to 12’.


synthetic turf garden 

Scott also wanted an area solely dedicated to growing vegetables. He had wanted to grow his own vegetables, spices, and try to eat more local, fresh foods. The idea became that there would be large wooden boxes lining the entire outside edges of the yard, about 40ft long, 3ft wide and 1ft deep. Now you would think the ideas stopped there, we have a putting green, an area to play and let the dog run around on, and a full edible garden, what more could anyone want? Well, Scott decided to incorporate the synthetic turf into his garden. He lined the insides of the boxes with a short piled turf. The theory behind this innovation was to allow for an increase of gaseous exchange vital for root growth and healthy plants. As an added bonus, it also protects the wood from the damp soil. It was a bit of an experiment as there isn’t much research into this (as far as we have found) so we didn’t know what to expect fully.


building the garden

synthetic turf garden

artificial grass lining


edible garden

The results were amazing! The garden produced so much fresh produce and it was all so colourful, tasty and huge! The garden had some of the biggest vegetables we had ever seen! And so many of them! As an added bonus there were much fewer unwanted weeds a synthetic turf reduced the amount of wind-blown spores in the air. The plants and trees further assist with the CO2 uptake, compensating for the loss of native grass in the area. In the end, there was much more time spent using the yard and enjoying the fresh vegetables, rather than working on it and buying groceries.


watering the garden 

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and artificial turf can have a truly realistic appearance without the hassle associated with the real grass. Growing live plants balances the footprint of synthetic turf. By planting edible vegetables and plants that will put food on your table, you are doing your part to eat local and promote the much healthier local economy.


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Synthetic Turf International- Keeping Pets Happy Since 2004

As a proud pet owner, you want nothing less than a perfect place for your animals to run and play in the yard. As a proud home owner, you want a beautiful outdoor space to relax and enjoy without the constant upkeep. We have a solution for you!

happy dog on turfdog grass fake synthetic turf

We offer a wide variety of synthetic turf to meet all of your individual needs! Our pet turfs are long lasting, durable, and keep the lush fresh cut appearance for years to come. STI’s SoftLawn Pet Turf can be easily cleaned for your convenience, unlike other alternatives you can spray it with a hose and the job is done. The pet turf line is an entirely non-allergenic option for your pets. It is safe for pets of all breeds and sizes, and requires no harmful chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. The pet turf surface is designed to be easy on your furry little friend’s joints and skin. This line of turf also has a high flow drainage rate so you don’t have to worry about your pet ruining the lawn.

We also have some SoftLawn Pet Turf for spaces with very high pet traffic. We have had success with places such as dog kennels and doggy daycares using our product for their spaces. The dogs love it because they are able to run free and play on the soft grass without a worry, and the owners love it because the clean up and maintenance is so simple now. They are also able to use smaller pieces in portable kennels and potty training for worry-free travel.

Here are a few of our favourite styles for our furry friends

PL920 SoftLawn Emerald Rye

PL919 SoftLawn Garden Rye

1 1/2″ Polyethylene and Polypropylene

PL924 SoftLawn Spring Rye

Spring Rye artificial synthetic turf

1 3/4″ Polyethylene

 CX121 SoftLawn Pro Cut

Pro cut short synthetic turf

3/4” Polyethylene and Polypropylene

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