Featured Install- Kelowna, BC

 STI Kelowna completed a full renovation of this Kelowna, BC client’s front and back yard. They had sod down and rough landscaping before STI Kelowna came in. The entire transformation took five days to complete.

The Before:

As you can see from the photo, there was sod down like many of you probably have currently. There is a lot of flexibility with the prep work, we can do as little or as much of it as you like for the most part. This client decided to have us do the whole project, so we began by removing all organics.


Before Photo of the Front Yard


Once the sod and organics have been removed, we prepare the sub base. Next, we bring in crush/sand and flatten them to the required depth, slope, etc. This is where any wanted contours are built, especially for putting greens.




Next is the fun part, the turf is involved! We lay out the turf where it is going to be positioned. We begin to cut the turf from here to the correct shape and size. By now it is starting to look like a yard again!
Our installers will begin the seaming process next; laying seaming tape along the edges of the turf. Glue will then be brushed over the tape and the turf will be carefully laid down over it so all seams line up flawlessly. The turf can now be secured using 5” galvanized spikes along the edges.
The final step is to brush in the infill, if required for the chosen turf, using a broom.


The Finished Project:

Now the homeowner has a much more usable space to enjoy their large outdoor area in the front and back of their house! The bright colour adds a great visual curb appeal compared to the dull dirt and patchy grass that was there before. They even included their personal love for flower beds by lining the outer areas with trees and flowers to keep it colourful! We know these clients will enjoy their summer with a brand new outdoor space for entertaining!
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The completed project



Featured Install: Lakeview Putting Green- Kelowna, BC

Everyone in BC was extremely lucky this year to have such a short winter. We were experiencing Spring-like temperatures as early as February! People were out hiking, running, and for many home owners, spring cleaning their yards. For many of our guys, this meant an early start to the season with Synthetic Turf International Canada.

STI Kelowna was excited to begin installs by late February. We were flooded with interest and had projects lined up earlier than ever. This project was one of our installers’ favourites to work on so far this year, because look at that view!

After removing the existing ground coverings, the base is brought in and any wanted contours are built. Here, the cups have been placed for positioning before the turf is rolled out.



After just two days, this is the transformation that took place. This couple now has their very own place to practice before hitting the course this summer.

 synthetic putting green

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