Snap Fitness Chilliwack Installs CrossFit Athletic Turf

Snap Fitness Turf

This months’ featured install comes from STI Langley. They had the opportunity to work with Snap Fitness in Chilliwack, BC on their new flooring options for the facility.

STI Langley used our very popular Trainer’s Choice turf in red for this project, as well as including a custom logo in the center of the gym.

Snap Fitness Turf


Snap Fitness Turf

Trainer’s Choice is a great turf option for gyms, as it allows all equipment to perform properly while providing enough cushioning under the foot. This turf is available in many colours, allowing most companies the opportunity to install turf that matches the colour scheme of the space. It’s also a great choice for companies wishing to include a logo in the turf. We have the ability to water-jet cut and seam the logo into your roll of turf right at our plant for you.

Snap Fitness Turf


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Okanagan Hockey Group Training Facility

Red Turf

This month we are featuring one of our unique projects from this winter, where we got to have a little fun!

Synthetic Turf for Athletic Facilities

The Okanagan Hockey Group provides training to hockey athletes from over 30 countries. Their Hockey Academy has seen hundreds of NHL players attend as players or instructors over the years. Their Penticton, BC training facility was searching for a better flooring option for their off-ice training space. We provided them with a flooring option that also fit their company branding and colours, bright red synthetic turf.

The whole space is 1620 sq.ft and we used our most popular athletic turf for these types of spaces. Trainer’s Choice turf is an infill-free product so they don’t have to worry about sand or rubber flying out during their training. It is a short pile, dense, turf with a 5mm foam backing to provide the comfort needed under an athlete’s footing.

Red Turf

Trainer’s Choice Athletic Turf

This turf is a great addition to their training facility to ensure these athletes are training in the best possible conditions. It allows them to push the prowlers, perform Crossfit, and all types of exercises.

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CrossFit and Agility Synthetic Turf


CrossFit is the latest fitness craze attracting people to affiliated gyms throughout North America. It is a strength and conditioning program with the aim of improving overall fitness. CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many academies across the continent. This unique program combines elements from high-intensity interval training, olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, and many more exercises.

 Indoor CrossFit Facilities Recently Completed

blue cross fit turf

crossfit gym

black fake grass turf


Our team saw a unique opportunity when this trend emerged. The variety in our products meant we were able to provide the necessary characteristics to keep these athletes fit and safe. We began to receive inquiries about the use of our products in gyms, athletic facilities, and in doctors’ offices.

Some of the most popular styles for this particular application have been Trainer’s Choice and Coach’s Choice. Trainer’s Choice is a polyethylene/nylon blend with a 5mm foam backing. It is a fairly dense product weighing 122 oz per square yard. The pile height of this turf is 3/4″. This style is available in a range of colours, allowing the facility to include their logo in the turf or just mix it up with some fun colours!

For a longer lasting, softer and more realistic grass, we feel the AT755 Coach’s Choice is the premium agility turf in the industry. At nearly 140 oz per square yard it can handle anything you can throw at it…literally! It is also a polyethylene/nylon blend with a 5mm foam backing. It is much more dense  thus giving it a fuller appearance. The pile height of this turf is 11/8″ standing taller than the Trainer’s Choice.

 Indoor Athletics Facility Recently Completed

indoor synthetic turf crossfit facility


This field below was a special scenario because it is actually an ice arena in the winter, and a field in the summer. Our solution for this was to use velcro seams to allow the facility to easily remove the turf in the hockey season.

indoor field fake grass turf

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