Contractors Needed for Synthetic Turf International of Canada

synthetic turf putting green

Canada Synthetic Turf International is Expanding.

We are looking for distributors to represent select cities across Canada. Distributors are a team of resellers exclusive to our Synthetic Turf International line of artificial turf. We are currently looking for a representative in the area of Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton. Distributors have access to our exclusive products and support from the head office with installations and industry related questions. Stay ahead of the competition and get access to the most premium products available not found at your local landscape supply store, and at the best possible prices available. 100% made in the US, ISO certified, direct from the manufacturer.

 If you currently work in a landscape related position, adding synthetic turf to your repertoire will give you the one up to stay ahead of your competition. Many homeowners are moving towards an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and low maintenance landscape plan. To stay current with the demands of the public, product offerings must be continually evolving to meet the new demands. Our research and development team is continually working to stay one step ahead and implement new products with improved technology each year.

synthetic turf putting green

If you are interested in hearing more about our distributor network, please send us an email to [email protected]  We would be more than happy to send you a set of samples to see first hand the level of quality we represent. An account manager would be happy to schedule a phone call to discuss the options of working with us as your synthetic turf supplier for all of your landscape needs. We also have the product to provide for various other types of installations. We carry artificial turf for putting greens, driving range tee lines, athletic and indoor facilities, as well as baseball, soccer, football, tennis and bocce applications. The possibilities are endless with our ability to provide custom lines, designs, and logos, all tuft right into the synthetic turf and made entirely of coloured synthetic turf to match the rest of the design. To see more of these types of installations, you can visit our athletics page or Facebook for the most recent projects.

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Artificial Turf Installations Coast to Coast with Synthetic Turf Canada

artificial turf putting green

Clients looking to transform their space with synthetic turf are committed to a large project with quite a significant budget. When you decide to make the large purchase for the new car you’ve been eyeing, you are sure to do some research and make sure you are getting exactly what you think you are. Sure, all cars have 4 wheels, some seats, and will get you from a to b, but do you want to know more than that? Of course! We all want to know about who we are dealing with, make sure the company is backed in case something goes wrong with our shiny new purchase, and ensure we are getting the exact product we purchased.

This scenario is no different than buying synthetic turf for your new backyard putting green or athletic facility. Synthetic turf is still so new that many consumers don’t realize there are different manufacturers, producing various levels of products. The industry progressed so quickly that the products went from ‘Astroturf’ to the vast variety we have today. Our company works direct with the manufacturer, Synthetic Turf International, so our clients are guaranteed to know where their turf is coming from, and that we will still be around in 10 years if they have a problem.

Artificial Grass Installations Country Wide

Synthetic Turf Canada has grown tremendously with a distributor network from coast to coast. Our widespread team allows us to work on projects in an efficient manner in most major cities in Canada and all in between. We have put together a list of project highlights from this year, see photos of these projects below.

Soccer Field in Yellowknife, NT

soccer field synthetic turf

WickerLand in Victoria, BC

wickerland synthetic turf

Putting Green in Halifax, NS

artificial turf putting green

artificial turf putting green

CrossFit in Calgary, AB

crossfit agility turf

Virtual Tour of Synthetic Turf Canada

synthetic turf showroom

Synthetic Turf Canada had a busy winter building the new showroom and warehouse in Western Canada. The front of the space showcases forty of our most popular artificial turf for applications ranging from lawn and landscape, putting greens, cross fit to playground turf. We have large outdoor areas in the front of the showroom to give our clients an idea of what their space will look like completed with various synthetic turfs.

Through the doors is the back warehouse which is used to store popular styles and prepare shipments for Western Canada.

synthetic turf showroom

synthetic turf showroom

You can view the whole virtual tour here.

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Grand Opening- Kelowna Synthetic Turf Showroom!

synthetic turf grand opening

Synthetic Turf Kelowna was busy this past winter as they prepared to open the Okanagan’s largest synthetic turf showroom! The new facility has a gorgeous front showroom, office space for the Western Canada staff, and a 4,000 sq.ft warehouse to store our most popular turfs.

On April 15th the local radio stations were on site for a live on location day joining STI for the official Grand Opening! It was a very exciting and busy day filled with new customers stopping by to enjoy the one-day sale, and return customers visiting us at our new location to see how far we’ve grown! People enjoyed putting on our newly installed front putting green and seeing the full sample wall of options to choose from. Thank you so much to all of our friends, families and clients for supporting Synthetic Turf Kelowna as we grow this year even more!

Enjoy some of the photos below from the Grand Opening day!

synthetic turf grand opening  synthetic turf showroom

synthetic turf showroom synthetic turf kelowna  synthetic turf grand opening  synthetic turf grand opening  putting green turf  synthetic turf grand opening

If you or someone you know is looking to Experience a Greener World, contact us today! [email protected] or 1-800-279-8873

Synthetic Turf Canada Welcomes New Distributors

2016 Distributors

This industry just keeps growing and we thank our remarkable team of distributors across the country for helping us build this business! We have seen such interesting and exciting transformations of projects in the last few years. From a dirt pile to a soccer field, or a home with a completely overgrown yard to a backyard oasis, we really can handle any project of any size now! We are excited to continue this growth and be able to meet our loyal client’s needs by introducing our newest distributors.

2016 Distributors

Allen Hewitt of North Western Property Maintenance- Langley, BC

Allen has over ten years of landscape experience in the Fraser Valley and brings his variety of yard service techniques to the team. You can contact Allen at 778-242-8833 or visit his website here.

Katharine Creery of The Splash Hot Tubs Whistler/Squamish

Katharine has years of experience helping people update their homes by adding a hot tub or pool to the yard. The Splash is now able to offer a complete update of their clients yards by carrying synthetic turf. You can contact Katharine at 604-932-8841 or visit her website here.

Kyle Clandfield of Calgary, AB

Kyle will be working side by side with our current distributor in Calgary, Mike Kuzmickas. You can contact Kyle at 403-614-8322 or visit their website here.

STI Dealer Conference: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

El Dorado, Mexico

As last year’s dealer conference was such a success, we decided to go even bigger for 2016.

In 2015, we held the Canadian Dealer Conference in Chattanooga, TN the week after the American conference. This allowed all of our Canadian distributors to meet from all sides of the country. We shared tips, tricks and informational material during our days of STI University, and provided a full tour of the manufacturing plant in Dalton, GA. As our team has grown even more since this time last year, we decided to join the Canadian and American conferences and host one large conference for everyone. And what better place to do such thing than Playa del Carmen, Mexico! This year’s conference gave the dealers the opportunity to network with colleagues from around the continent in a casual setting. We hosted seminars each morning and had evenings free to enjoy and mingle with other colleagues.

Over 100 distributors from Canada, America, and Mexico came together for this conference. It was a great time to meet others in the industry and learn some new tips and tricks from each other on how to handle varying situations.

Thank you to Synthetic Turf International for putting this successful conference together and to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to attend! Let’s have another great year team!

El Dorado Royale

El Dorado, Mexico

The ultimate in service in the ultimate setting; an exclusive experience that fosters togetherness at Mexico’s premiere adults-only beachfront resort.

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Let yourself be pampered by the unparalleled Gourmet Inclusive® concept that will take you to enjoy sophisticated delicacies: gourmet dishes at its seven à la carte restaurants, premium beverages at its eight bars, private Jacuzzi in the suites, a spa with luxurious services for couples, personalized service and six swimming pools. The perfect romantic getaway at this paradise creating amazing moments that you will always remember.

Synthetic Turf International Canada Distributor Welcome

It seems like we didn’t even slow down for a minute this winter! We’ve been so busy behind the scenes getting everything ready for another great year with STI Canada.  Our research team went above and beyond as usual and we are able to present you with 8 brand new styles to choose from this year! We also grew our team even more across the country so we would like to take a moment to welcome our new members of the STI team.

Golftournament resized 600


Etienne Lavallee located in La Presentation.

Steff Lecuyer and Felix Auger located in Ottawa.

Chris Green located in Edmonton.

Are you a landscaper or landscape supplier? Want to be a distributor in one of the hottest growing industries? We are still looking for distributors in select areas across Canada. We can offer you premium products at competitive prices, the tools and knowledge to do beautiful installs, professionally designed marketing materials, and a supportive staff to help you on your journey to success. To find out which locations still require distributors contact us today!

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2015 Canadian Distributor Conference and STI University

Over the past 6 months the folks at STI have been working long hours in preparation for the STI Dealers Conference and the first STI University (STIU) class.


We’ve all heard of McDonald’s famous Hamburger University. Think a similar concept, minus the food accoutrements. The course is a day and half, where STI provides dealers all of the education and tools needed to succeed in the synthetic turf industry.

The first Canadian STIU was well attended by 19 individuals, each of whom went through what could be considered a crash course in STI. They were treated to a tour of the manufacturing facility. They also received educational materials, turf samples and took part in a hands on installation workshop inside of the facility. The STI University is designed to relay to attendees the benefits and privileges of embracing the STI brand.


fake grass manufacturing plant

The Dealer Conference allows new and existing dealers the chance to come together and learn from one another. At the Conference (and STIU) they are all introduced to new products, they get to touch them and experience them straight from the source.

After the domestic STIU and dealer’s conference, the Canadian STIU followed closely and we were immediately able see where we could improve the course and experience for future classes.
Jeffrey McDaniel stated that, “We want graduates of STIU to come away from a day and a half with us ready to sell and install our products.”

The course helps provide that confidence boost that some dealers were needing to close sales. In fact, Dakota Harp mentioned, “There were dealers closing sales by the end of the week,” due to their newfound confidence thanks to STIU.

Visit our application page for more information, browse our gallery for ideas and contact Synthetic Turf International to Experience A Greener World

Synthetic Turf Distributors Wanted

Synthetic Turf International of Canada® is the leading synthetic turf distributor company in the industry. STI Canada provides clients with all the tools needed for superior synthetic turf installations. STI Canada currently manufactures a complete range of premium quality synthetic turf, but what we are known for extends far beyond our products. We supply industry leading materials and use our extensive installation experience to ensure the project is completed correctly from the ground up.

By combining the most complete dealer network in the industry with the most advanced installation techniques, we provide the most comprehensive support for our synthetic turf applications. When you join the STI Canada dealer network, STI Canada will educate you about all of your possible options and methods. Our experience and superior products combine to turn inspired ideas into authentic accomplishments.

turf dealer golf trip

The synthetic turf industry is one of the hottest growing markets, and it is showing no signs of stopping.  The key to taking advantage of this developing market is to act quickly and set up your business to answer the rising need for synthetic turf.  Synthetic Turf International is the most respected name in artificial lawns, synthetic putting greens, tee lines, and the synthetic turf industry as a whole. It also comes with years of experience developing new dealers within their respective markets from the ground up. Through the years, that experience has taught us that quality is paramount. We stand behind every product we produce, our dealers stand behind every install and we stand behind our dealers. With a STI Canada partnership, you will be held in the highest regard because you will be a member of a company synonymous with true craftsmanship that lasts. Synthetic Turf International of Canada is the exclusive dealer network under an umbrella of five companies with Controlled Products®. You won’t be on your own. You will be a part of one of the largest and most successful groups of entrepreneurs who believe a business should serve six essential purposes:

  1. Provide an exceptional product and/or service.
  2. Generate a good annual income.
  3. Maintain a positive image with anyone that you contact.
  4. Create a healthy bottom line that you can use to create wealth.
  5. Build enough equity so you can pass the business on to your children or sell for a profit.
  6. Generate sufficient cash flow to reduce or eliminate debt.

Partnering with Synthetic Turf International of Canada provides you access to vital knowledge that will allow you to focus on the business side of your company, helping you improve on efficiency and performance. You can expand your services, increase profitability, and enjoy a more streamlined business that allows you to excel within the synthetic turf industry.

Join Synthetic Turf International of Canada today and Experience A Greener World!

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