The Benefits of Artificial Grass At Your Next Outdoor Party

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More and more homeowners are installing artificial grass for a variety of reasons including its low maintenance, soft feel, environmental benefits, superb draining and lush green look.

With May long weekend around the corner, artificial grass is the perfect way to enhance your yard and your party. Synthetic Turf in Kelowna has narrowed down the top benefits of having artificial grass at your next outdoor party.

  1. Low Maintenance
  2. Comfortable Surface
  3. Easy After-Party Clean-Up

1. Low Maintenance

Prepping for your May long weekend party is that much easier with Synthetic Turf. Synthetic Turf products are ideal for creating a great looking lawn and backyard party oasis that will have guests in awe. There are a variety of landscaping products available for enhancing the look of your lawn pre-event!

Artificial grass provides homeowners with gorgeous green grass without the hassle of landscaping, lawn maintenance and fertilizers. Instead of spending all that time mowing, trimming or watering your lawn, you can focus on other aspects of party planning or just enjoy your time leading up to your event.

2. Comfortable Surface

Synthetic Turf products will provide you with a softer and safer alternative to natural grass. It’s an exceptional surface because it provides comfort for pets, children and even adults, which makes it ideal for guests that want to take off their shoes and kickback.

It makes for a much more welcoming space and makes it easier for guests to seamlessly transition from inside to outside without having to worry about tracking mud into your home, or taking their shoes on and off.

3. Easy After-Party Clean-Up

Unlike natural grass, an artificial lawn will maintain its form after it’s been walked on for an entire night. It’s also ideal for any drink spills that are bound to happen because of its ability to drain excess water. As for any food spills, they can be easily wiped away with a wet cloth.

Another bonus, you don’t need to worry about mud or patches of grass that have been kicked up throughout the night. Synthetic Turf is extremely durable, so it can withstand a lot of foot traffic and comes with a lengthy warranty to ensure Synthetic Turf is a savvy investment of your money and time.

At the end of the night, you’ll still have the same pristine green lawn that you started with! It’s not a surprise that many homeowners are installing Synthetic Turf in order to boost their hosting skills.

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Lethbridge Artificial Turf Backyard Transformation

synthetic turf backyard

Spring is in the air for some of our distributors around Canada! We are happy to see some cities coming to life after a very long winter across the board. This was a great example of a before and after from STI Lethbridge on their first install of the year. The backyard looks like a whole new space after the artificial turf was installed.

SoftLawn Paspalum Pro is one of our most lush looking SoftLawn turfs. It is 2″ tall with 126oz of product per square yard. To see a complete list of our lawn and landscape options, please click here for our product list. Our team of distributors would be happy to show you samples and help guide you to the best turf fit for you!

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synthetic turf

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After Photo


Top 5 Ways Synthetic Turf will Improve Your Outdoor Pool

Artificial grass can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your overall pool experience. Our Synthetic Turf Canada team can custom design the pool area you’ve always envisioned with top of the line products. Still need some convincing? We’ve outlined the top 5 ways Synthetic Turf will improve your outdoor pool area.

  1. A Softer & Safer Alternative
  2. Less Landscaping and Yard Work
  3. Improves the Appearance of Your Pool
  4. Superb Drainage Capabilities
  5. Increases Your Property Value

A Softer & Safer Alternative

Synthetic Turf provides pool and homeowners with a softer and safer alternative to concrete, bricks and other materials commonly used around pools. Since Synthetic Turf doesn’t require harmful chemicals from pesticides or fertilizers, it provides a safer alternative for you, your family and pets to enjoy.

Also Synthetic Turf is not affected by the elements or excess water, so you never have to worry about a muddy poolside or injuries from hard and slippery surfaces. Plus, even on the hottest day, it won’t burn the soles of your feet!


lawn softlawn landscaping applications pool backyard artificial grass Synthetic Turf kelowna canada.jpg

Less Landscaping and Yard Work

Spend more time lounging around your pool and enjoying the water, and spend less time on lawn maintenance without compromising the appearance of your pool area.

While natural grass requires weekly mowing, trimming, and watering, Synthetic Turf’s products are virtually maintenance-free, require no water, chemical or fertilizers, contain recyclable components and reduce wear and tear from weather conditions. Enjoy the smooth and natural-looking grass, while optimizing your pool time!

Improves the Appearance of Your Pool

Lush and lifelike, our artificial grass products provide a realistic “fresh cut” appearance. Synthetic Turf offers a wide selection of high quality lawn and landscaping solutions including SoftLawn®. SoftLawn® utilizes a soft polyethylene UV protected synthetic fiber and provides homeowners with an authentic green grass look.

Synthetic Turf offers a variety of gorgeous lawn and landscaping options to ensure that your poolside is pristine! For an added touch, we offer a number of landscaping products for gorgeous walkways, stepping stones, flower beds and other decorative additions. The are infinite ways that Synthetic Turf can beautify your poolside!

Superb Drainage Capabilities

The benefits of artificial turf outweigh those of natural grass for a number of reasons. One of the biggest benefits, especially for Synthetic Turf around pools, is its ability to drain excess water.

Many materials, including natural grass, will have problems draining water that is bound to happen with all the cannon bombs, dives, belly flops and splashing. With Synthetic Turf, you never have to worry about draining water away from your pool!

artificial grass lawn softlawn landscaping backyard pool applications Synthetic Turf kelowna canada.JPG

Increases Your Property Value

Save time, energy and money when you install a Synthetic Turf while simultaneously increasing the value of your property. Although the initial installation price of Synthetic Turf can be expensive, you will save in the long-run.

The long-term benefits include saving on gas, oil, water and general upkeep of lawn mowers and trimmers. Furthermore, artificial grass has come along way since it was first invented and used in 1966. It’s durable, can withstand harsh weather conditions and comes with a lengthy warranty to ensure Synthetic Turf is a savvy investment.

It’s not a surprise that more and more homeowners are replacing their natural lawns with artificial grass in order to increase the resale value of their homes!

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Synthetic Turf Applications

artificial grass residential commercial gym sports fields golf putting green Synthetic Turf Canada International

Artificial grass has made huge strides and advancements since it was first invented and used in 1966. Today, many people are embracing artificial lawns for residential and commercial properties due to its low maintenance, water conservation, lush green look, and the reduced wear and tear from weather conditions.

The versatility and incredible features of Synthetic Turf products make it ideal for a wide range of applications. Here are Synthetic Turf’s top application uses. For more details on the specifics of our products, view our architects page.

SoftLawn® Lawns and Landscaping

Natural grass needs weekly mowing, trimming, and watering. Plus, grass is negatively affected by rain, cold temperatures and weather conditions. However, Synthetic Turf’s SoftLawn® products are virtually maintenance-free, require no water, chemical or fertilizers, contain recyclable components and reduce wear and tear from weather conditions.

SoftLawn® is a high quality lawn and landscaping solution that utilizes a soft polyethylene UV protected synthetic fiber and creates a lush and lifelike appearance.

Are you concerned about the environment, but still love having a gorgeous lawn? You’ll love Synthetic Turf’s wide selection of lawn and landscaping products.

SoftLawn® Pet Turf

SoftLawn® Pet Turf is an excellent solution for pet owners that want a safe, non-allergenic, durable surface for their pets. SoftLawn® Pet Turf is suitable for all types of pets including cats, large or small dog breeds and other domestic animals.

SoftLawn® Pet Turf provides a surface that is easy on your pet’s joints and exposed areas of their coat and skin. It can also be used as an innovative and sanitary solution for pets to relieve themselves during transport or while on vacation.

Take a look at these 6 benefits of why artificial grass is perfect for your dog and view our resource page for more details.

Artificial Putting Greens and Golf Courses

Golf course owners! Are you looking to increase your revenue this year? Synthetic Turf putting green products are a great way to reach new clients with your landscape business.

Through the use of digital imagery, Synthetic Turf’s professional design team provides our clients with a virtual rendering of the completed green. This shows our clients exactly how their green will look before we begin the installation process.

For enhanced aesthetics and added impact, Synthetic Turf can also install sand bunkers, chipping stations and fringe grass. Fringe grasses are chosen from Synthetic Turf’s array of indigenous and native grass turfs. Sand bunkers add a dynamic new dimension to any putting or chipping green.

Synthetic Turf International Canada professional putting, chipping and target surfaces are found at leading golf facilities and teaching academies across the globe.

EZ Tee® Tee Lines and Hitting Mats

Synthetic Turf’s EZ Tee® nylon tee line surface is an innovative artificial turf system, designed specifically for driving range tee lines. In addition to being able to hit down and through the ball, golfers can also hit from a regulation golf tee placed directly in the EZ Tee® surface. This is a stark departure from the white plastic tube that serves as a tee in other synthetic tee line surfaces.

EZ Tee® provides realistic playability and permits continuous use, eliminating the need to relocate and reseed driving range areas. Appropriate for tee lines and hitting mats, EZ Tee® can be installed over natural base or concrete. Synthetic Turf EZ Tee® customers include Pebble Beach, Spyglass, Caves Valley, Brookline, Oakmont, Burning Tree, Kinloch, and Winged Foot.

Baseball and Batting Cages

Synthetic Turf Canada creates and installs natural-looking fields for baseball fields and batting cages. Using an artificial turf reduces both dependence on weather conditions and the time and cost of regular maintenance.

Synthetic Turf’s selection of baseball and batting cage products create smooth and natural-looking fields for optimal performance and safety. It also ensures your baseball field or batting cages are always in excellent condition.

Outdoor Sports Fields

Synthetic Turf is an excellent alternative for outdoor fields. It offers the same shock absorption as natural grass and dirt, but provides a smooth track to maintain speed. It also maintains its features during bad weather conditions.

Synthetic Turf’s sports field surfaces are durable, dependable and safe. This synthetic option offers unlimited play, low maintenance and performance found only in the best kept grasses. Synthetic Turf’s proven synthetic sports surfaces are ideal for soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields, multi-purpose fields, lacrosse, field hockey and more.

Speciality Sports Courts

Artificial speciality sports courts such as bocce, croquet and tennis continue to grow in popularity. For the best experience, install synthetic turf in your court. Our high quality speciality sport Synthetic Turf products are durable, safe and low-maintenance courts that will last for years. We will create the ultimate indoor or outdoor court for you and customize it for the space you have.

Artificial Grass for Indoor Arenas, Athletic Centres & Training

The right surface can make all the difference when it comes to your favourite sport or athletic training routine. Synthetic Turf’s high quality products are tested extensively in our research and development lab to provide you with the finest performing product for every situation.

Synthetic Turf’s athletic products are a popular choice for athletic and training centres because they provide athletes with a surface that has low impact on their joints, it can withstand the wear and tear from equipment such as prowlers or weights, and it reduces injuries.

SoftLawn® Playground

SoftLawn® Playground Surfaces are an excellent choice for a child’s play area. They provide children with the safest, most environmentally friendly and low-maintenance play area.

Installing SoftLawn® Playground Surfaces eliminates harmful chemicals from pesticides or fertilizers and provide a sanitary and resilient play area. They are also not affected by the elements, so you never have to worry about muddy or frozen play areas.

With Synthetic Turf International Canada, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. View our architects page for more details and contact us at 1-800-279-8873 for your next artificial grass project.

Indoor Synthetic Turf Uses

A stadium full of fans watching a soccer match being played on synthetic turf

Transform Building for Rent

We have had some inquiries by people who have a seasonal business looking to capitalize on their slow season. Owners who have a building sitting empty for consecutive months are laying indoor synthetic turf to create a rentable space for the community. We have seen people create a space for sports practices, like a mini soccer field open to the public to rent or for off-season athletic training for personal trainers who don’t want to train outdoors in the cold. We have also seen people convert their space into a place for corporate functions or weddings. A covered space with the look and feel of the outdoors does very well in the rental market. Corporate functions, birthday parties, and community events have kept these spaces booked during the businesses off season.

A stadium full of fans watching a soccer match being played on synthetic turf


There has been a growing trend in North America towards golf related activities in the entertainment industry. Businesses like Top Golf are doing extremely well in creating a fun environment similar to going bowling back in the day. They create a bar vibe, with DJs playing music, food and beverage for purchase, and teams competing against each other for the best score.

Indoor Mini Putt Course

Arcades and children’s entertainment buildings often include a mini putt course indoors to keep the business going in the winter. The businesses we have worked with often include an outdoor course, and then another version indoors for when the weather doesn’t permit play outdoors. The options are unlimited with our coloured turf and ability to work with any design and space.

indoor artificial turf

Flooring for Play Areas

Daycare facilities are moving towards only using synthetic turf as the fall height ratings and durability are unmatched. Our EZ Play system is designed specifically for these types of facilities with play structures and keep kids safety at the top of mind.

Trade shows and convention displays

Synthetic turf has become the go to flooring option for many vendors at their exhibits. The variety of the product line provides many options when choosing a style and appearance of the booth. On top of variety, it is also a cost effective way to add a certain uniqueness to your display!

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How Synthetic Grass can Boost your Property’s Value

artificial synthetic grass lawn maintenance outdoor athletic sports golf

Many homeowners are choosing to replace their natural lawns with artificial grass in order to increase the resale value of their homes.

The benefits of Synthetic Turf are endless. It’s virtually maintenance-free, requires no water, contains recyclable components, and no chemical or fertilizers are required – just to name a few. With so many benefits and homeowners making the switch, Synthetic Turf’s team decided to compile a list of the top reasons artificial grass will boost your property’s value.

  • Recreational Area
  • Price Comparison
  • Low Maintenance Lawn Care
  • Curb Appeal

Create Recreational and Leisurely Outdoor Space

Artificial turf is durable, easy to maintain, creates a high quality and safe playing surface for children, dogs and sports. It’s an excellent investment for you and your family. SoftLawn® is one of our most popular products.

SoftLawn® is the same quality product used in school playgrounds, play yards, and lawn applications. It’s lush, lifelike and the synthetic surface boasts a realistic “fresh cut” appearance combined with a soft pleasing feel. Spend more time outside with your family and enjoy the benefits of Synthetic Turf’s incredible products.

There are also tons of options for outdoor sports areas, such as putting greens, bocce courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields and more.

Synthetic Turf vs Natural Grass Price Comparison

The initial installation price of Synthetic Turf can be expensive, but the long-term benefits and lengthy warranty makes Synthetic Turf a savvy investment. Plus, save on gas, oil and general upkeep on lawn mowers and trimmers.

Once Synthetic Turf is installed, the warranty and durability ensure a gorgeous green and natural looking lawn for years to come. Artificial turf provides the same green natural appeal and softness as natural grass, without the expense.

Low Maintenance Lawn Care

If you currently own a natural grass lawn then you know first hand that lawn care and maintenance often take up a lot of our spare time and it can quite costly over time. Regular lawn care responsibilities including mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing and reseeding aren’t an issue with Synthetic Turf.

The quality, feel, environmental effects and upkeep of artificial grass continue to massively improve every year, which means simpler maintenance and lawn care benefits. This is an exceptional benefit that will certainly boost the value of your property.

Curb Appeal

The first thing homebuyers see when they arrive on your property is your lawn. A well maintained and green lawn will impress buyers. There are lots of gorgeous lawn and landscaping options with Synthetic Turf that look incredible, but require low maintenance. We offer a wide selection of high quality artificial grass products to make your lawn pristine.

The benefits of artificial turf outweigh those of natural grass. If you’re interested in saving money, conserving water, and creating a home with exceptional curb appeal, consider artificial turf.

Contact Synthetic Turf to discuss the best option for you.

Canada Synthetic Turf International is Expanding

putting green turf

We are looking for distributors to represent select cities across Canada. Distributors are a team of resellers exclusive to our Synthetic Turf International line of artificial turf. We are currently looking for a representative in the areas of Toronto, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, Moncton, and Edmonton. Distributors have access to our exclusive products and support from the head office with installations and industry related questions. Stay ahead of the competition and get access to the most premium products available not found at your local landscape supply store, and at the best possible prices available. 100% made in the US, ISO certified, direct from the manufacturer.

If you currently work in a landscape related position, adding synthetic turf to your repertoire will give you the one up to stay ahead of your competition. Many homeowners are moving towards an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and low maintenance landscape plan. To stay current with the demands of the public, product offerings must be continually evolving to meet the new demands. Our research and development team is continually working to stay one step ahead and implement new products with improved technology each year.

synthetic turf putting green

If you are interested in hearing more about our distributor network, please send us an email to [email protected]  We would be more than happy to send you a set of samples to see first hand the level of quality we represent. An account manager would be happy to schedule a phone call to discuss the options of working with us as your synthetic turf supplier for all of your landscape needs. We also have the product to provide for various other types of installations. We carry artificial turf for putting greens, driving range tee lines, athletic and indoor facilities, as well as baseball, soccer, football, tennis and bocce applications. The possibilities are endless with our ability to provide custom lines, designs, and logos, all tuft right into the synthetic turf and made entirely of coloured synthetic turf to match the rest of the design. To see more of these types of installations, you can visit our athletics page or Facebook for the most recent projects.

Contact us to Experience A Greener World at [email protected]

Synthetic Turf for Events

athletic synthetic turf

Have you been thinking about using artificial turf for your event? You’re not alone. Event turf has been growing in popularity for personal events, corporate events, and general commercial use steadily over recent years. Consumers are becoming more aware of the wide variety of options, and this makes it easier to utilize the product in many scenarios.

Set the Perfect Scene

Event planners put in uncountable hours to ensure their event goes off without a hitch. Planning months or even years in advance presents some challenges. Arguably one of the most difficult to plan around, would be environmental. Wedding venues are turning to synthetic turf to ensure no matter the weather conditions leading up to the day, they can promise their couples a perfectly manicured lawn as a backdrop to the wedding. Event rental companies are also more inclined to work with these venues as their rentals are returned clean and in much better condition than if it were a rainy day and furniture was left in the mud.

Portable Green Space

Synthetic turf is also a great option for scenarios where the turf may need to be moved after some time, or events that move around the country. The turf is a great, lightweight option to provide green floor space in an instant. Just roll it out and watch the green space grow! We find consumers love this option for trade shows and large outdoor conferences as the synthetic turf is ADA compliant (wheelchairs can roll) and it is easy to clean and maintain with high traffic areas.

Sponsorship Opportunities

With the custom logo and waterjet abilities of our manufacturing plant, the possibilities are truly endless of what we can provide for corporate events. We often have large media events ‘sell’ the advertising space in the synthetic turf for companies to insert their logo right into the turf. These are some of the recent logos we have provided.


athletic synthetic turf

Artificial turf for personal events such as weddings, photo booths, and reunions is becoming a top choice to achieve the lush backyard lawn appearance many strive towards. The turf makes it feel much more inviting and luxurious.

The corporate use of synthetic turf is something that is growing in popularity as people learn how far synthetic turf has come since ‘Astroturf’ days. It really does look realistic and there are so many colours, heights, and other specifications to make it exactly what you are looking for. Most recently we find businesses using artificial turf for commercials and in film and tv shows. Adding some turf to the set allows for the show to display a real neighbourhood home, at any time of year with a beautiful lawn.

Many municipalities are also including synthetic lawn in their plan for community markets and festivals due to its easy maintenance and cleaning abilities. Having a pet friendly space where people can go hang out is a great addition to any event.

artificial turf daycare

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EZ Tees Benefits in Vancouver

synthetic turf tee line

There are several benefits of installing Synthetic Turf’s® artificial grass products on residential and commercial properties. As artificial grass technology improves and expands, the look, feel and experience continues to improve.

Gorgeous Green Synthetic Grass

One of the greatest benefits of installing Synthetic Turf® products is how easy it is to maintain gorgeous green grass. The maintenance packages we offer are completely optional and purely for aesthetics.

While residential properties typically require minimal to zero regular maintenance, commercial uses, such as golf courses, require a bit more care for optimal use.  

With the spring season on the horizon, it’s time to consider the state of your golf course turf. For the best golfing experience, replace it after winter.

The Benefits of Synthetic Turf® EZ Tee Product Line on Your Golf Course

Throughout the golfing season, golf courses experience a lot of use, which wears Tee Lines and Hitting Mats down. Similarly, snow, ice and the winter conditions cause golf course turfs to lose its feel and look.

Synthetic Turf® offers two tee line and hitting mat surfaces to give your golfers and golf course the ultimate look and feel. The EZ Tee Poly® is made from polypropylene. This allows for a stiffer fiber which is ideal for heavy traffic Tee Lines.

EZ Tee Hybrid® our other top end Tee Line and Hitting Mat turf. Polypropylene and nylon blend allows for a fuller fiber with soft feel through impact.

Both EZ Tee Poly® and EZ Tee Hybrid® are used by several elite golf courses through the US and Canada. Neither product replaces real grass, but it gives grass time to heal properly and can be installed on a compacted aggregate base or on concrete. Concrete will extend the life of these turfs.

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4 Reasons Why Your Gym Needs Synthetic Turf

A female pushes a sled across a section of synthetic turf inside a gym

Are you a gym owner or a trainer that is considering opening your own location? There are many factors you will have to consider when opening a gym, one of those factors being the materials that you will use inside your facility.

Let’s face it- there are thousands of gyms across the country with a new location opening in your hometown almost every month. Between crossfit, martial arts and weight lifting gyms, competition is fierce. If you are serious about standing out to your customers and offering a premium fitness solution, you need your atmosphere to reflect that fact as well. One of the ways you can do that is by installing customized synthetic turf inside your gym.

Synthetic turf is amazing for specialized gym environments because:

  • It is low impact
  • You can use equipment such as sleds
  • Turf is excellent for dropping weights onto
  • And, it reduces injuries

Would these be some excellent selling qualities to tout to potential gym members? These benefits are sure to make your gym one of the first choices in your city.


Low Impact on Joints

As we move into 2018, the workout industry has never been more focused on overall health and longevity. Athletes want to work out longer and harder without having to stop and be hindered by injuries. Many activities, such as the sprinting required for HIIT is extremely hard on the knees and ankles. When you sprint or jump on a hard surface, there is little to no support for your joints. When you complete those same motions on synthetic turf, the athletes body will go through much less stress as the turf absorbs a lot of the shock that would normally be transferred to the body.


Equipment Such as Sleds Slides on Turf

If you are a personal trainer, or an athlete involved in MMA or football, you know how important weighted sleds have become in many athletes routines. Sleds can be loaded with as much or as little weight as you want, then pushed or pulled by the athlete, providing a steady stream of resistance. The only problem with sleds it that they require a smooth surface to slide across. Many gyms do not have a space where a sled can be used but if you install synthetic turf, your gym will be sled friendly and pull in customers from all over your city who are looking to jump on the latest workout craze.


Drop the Weights on the Turf as Much as You Like

Have you attended a crossfit class lately? Many of the exercises that have been re-popularized by the sport involve picking up extremely heavy weights, dropping them on the ground and then picking them up again to repeat the process. How do you think your equipment will fair if it is constantly being dropped on cement or hard flooring? With synthetic turf, you can deadlift and clean and jerk all you want, bouncing the weights off the turf without worry. Dropping weights onto synthetic turf is also less noisy, especially when you have multiple groups of athletes all completing the same exercise.


Fall on the Turf? No Big Deal

As an athlete works out and becomes fatigued, the chances of falling and injuring themselves increases. This can happen in any situation but happens frequently during sprinting and agility drills. When an athlete falls onto synthetic turf, he rolls and dusts himself off- no big deal. When an athlete falls onto hard flooring such as cement of plastic padding, they are left with a serious injury that might even send them to the hospital. Of course insurance takes care of the majority of the liability that comes with owning a gym, but you want your athletes to be safe when working out under your roof. Less injuries, more happy customers!


There you have it! Four solid reasons why you need to invest in some synthetic turf for your athletic inspired business.


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