4 Reasons Why Your Gym Needs Synthetic Turf

A female pushes a sled across a section of synthetic turf inside a gym

Are you a gym owner or a trainer that is considering opening your own location? There are many factors you will have to consider when opening a gym, one of those factors being the materials that you will use inside your facility.

Let’s face it- there are thousands of gyms across the country with a new location opening in your hometown almost every month. Between crossfit, martial arts and weight lifting gyms, competition is fierce. If you are serious about standing out to your customers and offering a premium fitness solution, you need your atmosphere to reflect that fact as well. One of the ways you can do that is by installing customized synthetic turf inside your gym.

Synthetic turf is amazing for specialized gym environments because:

  • It is low impact
  • You can use equipment such as sleds
  • Turf is excellent for dropping weights onto
  • And, it reduces injuries

Would these be some excellent selling qualities to tout to potential gym members? These benefits are sure to make your gym one of the first choices in your city.


Low Impact on Joints

As we move into 2018, the workout industry has never been more focused on overall health and longevity. Athletes want to work out longer and harder without having to stop and be hindered by injuries. Many activities, such as the sprinting required for HIIT is extremely hard on the knees and ankles. When you sprint or jump on a hard surface, there is little to no support for your joints. When you complete those same motions on synthetic turf, the athletes body will go through much less stress as the turf absorbs a lot of the shock that would normally be transferred to the body.


Equipment Such as Sleds Slides on Turf

If you are a personal trainer, or an athlete involved in MMA or football, you know how important weighted sleds have become in many athletes routines. Sleds can be loaded with as much or as little weight as you want, then pushed or pulled by the athlete, providing a steady stream of resistance. The only problem with sleds it that they require a smooth surface to slide across. Many gyms do not have a space where a sled can be used but if you install synthetic turf, your gym will be sled friendly and pull in customers from all over your city who are looking to jump on the latest workout craze.


Drop the Weights on the Turf as Much as You Like

Have you attended a crossfit class lately? Many of the exercises that have been re-popularized by the sport involve picking up extremely heavy weights, dropping them on the ground and then picking them up again to repeat the process. How do you think your equipment will fair if it is constantly being dropped on cement or hard flooring? With synthetic turf, you can deadlift and clean and jerk all you want, bouncing the weights off the turf without worry. Dropping weights onto synthetic turf is also less noisy, especially when you have multiple groups of athletes all completing the same exercise.


Fall on the Turf? No Big Deal

As an athlete works out and becomes fatigued, the chances of falling and injuring themselves increases. This can happen in any situation but happens frequently during sprinting and agility drills. When an athlete falls onto synthetic turf, he rolls and dusts himself off- no big deal. When an athlete falls onto hard flooring such as cement of plastic padding, they are left with a serious injury that might even send them to the hospital. Of course insurance takes care of the majority of the liability that comes with owning a gym, but you want your athletes to be safe when working out under your roof. Less injuries, more happy customers!


There you have it! Four solid reasons why you need to invest in some synthetic turf for your athletic inspired business.


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Synthetic Turf International Year in Review

synthetic turf daycare

Synthetic Turf International of Canada enjoyed a busy year filled with growth and expansion in 2017. We filled the demand for distributors in cities where we previously had none, opened a Western Canada Showroom and Warehouse, and completed numerous impressive synthetic turf projects. We want to give a huge thank you to all of our customers, residential, commercial and resellers, for another great year!

Our Newest Team Members

We are pleased to introduce you to two of our newest distributors this year.

Island Pro Mowing
Carl Sorensen of North Saanich

Reason Contracting
Kory Read of Edmonton

Project Highlights

While we installed many impressive projects this year, a few really stood out for us.

We were incredibly excited to provide synthetic turf soccer field to the city of Yellowknife this summer. The kids were so excited to have a new play space and we love hearing stories from our contacts there about how much use it is getting.

soccer field synthetic turf

Another favourite was a local daycare in the Okanagan. They transformed both campuses into full synthetic turf playground areas.

synthetic turf daycare

synthetic turf daycare

Our most unique athletic project of the year was a multi sports field. You can see the birds eye view of it below. For a size reference, those little ‘sticks’ are 15’ long! This install was a huge improvement for the city of Lloydminster.

synthetic turf field


The most unique residential project of the year would probably be a backyard installation surrounding a trampoline. They built the trampoline into the ground, and surrounded the space in synthetic turf to ensure a soft landing even if bounced too far.


Trampoline artificial turf

If you are interested in working with us, contact us today to Experience a Greener World at [email protected]


Synthetic Turf Flooring Options for Gyms, CrossFit Facilities and Athletic Facilities

crossfit synthetic turf

We at Synthetic Turf Canada understand that not all fitness facilities are the same. Each sport and activity have different footing needs, and that’s why we design synthetic turf specifically for each type of sport. Our line of athletic turf carries products with all sorts of varying specifications to ensure we cover the needs of the many sports out there.

CrossFit Synthetic Turf

We find that most CrossFit facilities choose to go with our Pro Ball Turf or Trainers Choice. These turfs are available in varying widths, colours and foam back options which allows the company to work within their specific space and needs. Often, companies will go with the option of having the manufacturer tuft in hash marks and lines along the turf. This allows the fitness facility to simply unroll their turf and it is ready to go with the lines already inserted. Another option is to include your custom logo in the turf as seen in the photo below.

Baseball Synthetic Turf

Our Baseball turf is the same construction of Pro Ball Turf, in the traditional Clay baseball colour. Our baseball infields include the batters mound, home plate, and lines running to first, second and third base. The outfield is traditionally done in Pro Ball Turf in our classic Pine colour.

Soccer Synthetic Turf

Soccer fields have a few options, but the most common option we see is our Bermuda Blend synthetic turf. It is a very durable lawn product that’s not too tall making it easier to play with the ball on the field.

Tennis Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf International has created Tennis Pro for use on tennis field installations. It comes in green, blue and white and is generally sold as a half court or full court set up.

Bocce Synthetic Turf

Bocce Pro is a newer product from Synthetic Turf International, recently created to meet the demands for bocce courts in North America. It is again a similar construction to Pro Ball Turf, giving the ball a nice easy path to roll down. It comes in the classic sand bocce colour to resemble a true court.

athletic synthetic turf

When it comes to the flooring options for your project, you need to consider what the space is going to be used for. Will it be primarily designed for lifting weights? Will there be sled pushing? Perhaps you will be splitting the space into different rooms to allow for various sport activity. Our team is available to discuss the best options for your specific type of application.

Contact us today to Experience a Greener World with Synthetic Turf International.

800-279-8873 or [email protected]


crossfit synthetic turf

Contractors Needed for Synthetic Turf International of Canada

synthetic turf putting green

Canada Synthetic Turf International is Expanding.

We are looking for distributors to represent select cities across Canada. Distributors are a team of resellers exclusive to our Synthetic Turf International line of artificial turf. We are currently looking for a representative in the area of Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton. Distributors have access to our exclusive products and support from the head office with installations and industry related questions. Stay ahead of the competition and get access to the most premium products available not found at your local landscape supply store, and at the best possible prices available. 100% made in the US, ISO certified, direct from the manufacturer.

 If you currently work in a landscape related position, adding synthetic turf to your repertoire will give you the one up to stay ahead of your competition. Many homeowners are moving towards an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and low maintenance landscape plan. To stay current with the demands of the public, product offerings must be continually evolving to meet the new demands. Our research and development team is continually working to stay one step ahead and implement new products with improved technology each year.

synthetic turf putting green

If you are interested in hearing more about our distributor network, please send us an email to [email protected]  We would be more than happy to send you a set of samples to see first hand the level of quality we represent. An account manager would be happy to schedule a phone call to discuss the options of working with us as your synthetic turf supplier for all of your landscape needs. We also have the product to provide for various other types of installations. We carry artificial turf for putting greens, driving range tee lines, athletic and indoor facilities, as well as baseball, soccer, football, tennis and bocce applications. The possibilities are endless with our ability to provide custom lines, designs, and logos, all tuft right into the synthetic turf and made entirely of coloured synthetic turf to match the rest of the design. To see more of these types of installations, you can visit our athletics page or Facebook for the most recent projects.

Contact us to Experience A Greener World at [email protected]