Unique Synthetic Turf Putting Green Installation

artificial turf

This week we are showcasing a unique installation from Kelowna, BC. The client is an avid golfer and found a way to fit this putting green in around the pool. There is a ledge surrounding the pool which we laid synthetic turf on and created two smaller putting greens in each corner.

artificial turf

Here you can see both greens up close (above and below images). We also installed a paver stone walkway to access the putting greens. STI Kelowna used the popular NP45 putting surface for the green, and SoftLawn Bermuda Blend for the surrounding areas. Bermuda Blend is one of our newly released products for 2016, and it has been an extremely popular choice across the board. People with pets love it for it’s shorter pile height while still providing a realistic lawn look. It also works well around putting greens as seen in this application, or on it’s own as a lawn product. We have seen it used in some major Canadian cities on meridians and sidewalks as well. Bermuda Blend is becoming a go-to choice for the all around product for various applications after just a few short months.

IMG_3104_optArtificial grass putting greens
IMG_3106_optPictured above is an up close shot of the pavers pathway into the putting green area above the pool.

IMG_3107_optThis was a unique space for an installation that worked out perfectly for what the clients were looking for. What else would someone have done with a ledge above a pool like this? Probably nothing nearly as cool as this!


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Artificial Grass Project at Lakefront Cabin

synthetic turf

Synthetic Turf Deck Project in Shuswap, BC

This week’s featured install comes from Synthetic Turf Kelowna. Their team was approached by a client who wanted to redo the deck covering in Shuswap, BC. This area is full of gorgeous lake front homes, cabins and vacation spots. The Kelowna team packed up and made the drive out to the Shuswap to complete this deck project in one day. The client chose our Performance Choice turf which is a great, shorter pile height turf option for this type of application. synthetic turf

Another view from above of the new deck space for everyone to enjoy at the lake. What a great maintenance free way to redo the space; no staining of wood, cutting of grass, or worrying about rebuilding the deck anytime soon for this family! The kids can go for a swim while the family watches from the deck, enjoying the soft new surface. artificial grass

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Synthetic Turf Putting Green Installation

synthetic turf

Synthetic Putting Green Installationtattersall3

Getting the base prepped is the most important step to our synthetic turf putting green installations. We are proud of our aesthetically pleasing and true roll putting greens and this is a main factor. We ensure every curve and contour is set at this stage. Here you see the base being roughly laid out.



The majority of our team of installers come from a golf construction background. This pivotal stage comes naturally to us as we know many sub grade parameters to ensure the final roll is exactly the way we intended before we lay the turf down. An example of this is knowing our NP50 putting surface, on average, runs at 10.5 on the stimp meter. This translates to a maximum subgrade slope of 3%, which satisfies all USGA green specifications and corresponds to about 8″ of break on a 4′ putt. Simply put, 3% at this speed ensures the ball will not continuously roll.


tattersall4Once we are happy with the base, we wet the crush and tamp it down to get a perfect base.

tattersall5Here, the putting sleeves are being positioned to make sure everything is in place before fully sinking them. If the team is happy with the green so far, they can continue to the next step.

tattersall6They then sink the sleeves, and add a third medium to ensure a perfect roll. This is an exciting stage as we are now ready to start laying turf!

tattersall-afterThe synthetic turf has been laid down and the holes have been cut around the sleeves. It’s starting to look like a real green at this stage! Here you can see the team inspecting their cuts and ensuring everything looks perfect.

synthetic turf

The final product looks great and the client was thrilled with their new addition to the backyard. If you want to Experience a Greener World, contact us today

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