STI Builds Synthetic Turf Putting Green Connected to Backyard Green

putting green synthetic turf

Creative and Connected Synthetic Turf Putting Greens

Our favourite projects are always the ones where clients want to have a bit of fun! This client had worked with us previously to create a backyard putting green. They loved it so much that they had us come back again this year to build another putting green in the front of the house. That wasn’t all they wanted though. They had an idea to have the two putting greens be connected through the front hole dropping down to the back green. Our team lit up when they heard this plan and got to work designing the perfect space for this idea.

synthetic putting green

This is the hole being dug to allow the ball to drop down the side of the house, and pop out on the backyard putting green. synthetic turf green

Our team standing back to check out the front yard so far. The green is down and the fringe is coming along nicely at this point. putting green turf

It was just about complete at this stage, our clients were getting so excited to test it out! They have two little girls who absolutely love golf so they were patiently waiting on the side for our team to complete the finishing touches. I think they heard, “is it ready yet?” a couple times this week.

putting green

The complete putting green looks great and we have another satisfied client! putting green synthetic turf

You can see here where the ball would pop out on the backyard putting green. Thanks to these wonderful clients for allowing us to be creative and make this idea a reality for you!

putting greenIf you or someone you know is thinking about switching to synthetic turf, please give us a call to discuss working together.

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Artificial Grass Taking You to the US Open

artificial grass putting green

The US Open Championship is the annual open golf tournament in the US. This is the second major of the year in golf as part of the PGA Tour. This year, the tournament began on June 16th and weather permitting should be finished on June 19th, also known as Fathers Day. It moves around different courses each year, but this year is being played at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania. Last year Jordan Spieth took the championship.

If Pennsylvania is a bit too far to go to feel apart of the celebrations, we have the solution for you, your own personal putting green! If your dream is to take part in a major one day, then why not get all the practice you can at your own doorstep. Many pros use our artificial grass putting greens and chipping mats for practice in the off season and in their own homes. Synthetic Turf Canada is able to design custom greens to work with the space we are given so each project is entirely unique for our clients. If this is something that interests you, give us a call to discuss what we can do for you! 1-800-279-TURF (8873)

artificial grass putting green

Have you joined our annual golf pool yet? It’s a free, online pool that continues on through all four majors of the year. We have prizes for each major, and then a grand prize for the overall winner of the year! This year’s prize is a roll out putting strip for the grand winner! Enter today to join in on the fun! (Details below)


Details to enter our golf pool:

Instructions for joining the pool entitled ‘CanadaSTI’
1. Go to
2. In the Join Password box, enter ‘synthetic’ (without the single quotes)
3. Fill out the form information, including a personal username and password. (Rest assured, this information will NOT be sold or utilized for spam email under ANY circumstances.)
4. Once the tournament field has been finalized, enter your picks, with the ability to change them right up until the tournament’s first tee time.

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

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It’s a Dad’s World, brought to you by Synthetic Turf Canada and Interior Pool and Spa

It happens the same way every year, you look at the calendar and Father’s Day is this weekend! What are you supposed to get Dad? He says he doesn’t want anything and you don’t have enough in your piggy bank to buy that fancy sports car he dreams about.

What if we could offer you a solution to this, for free?

Synthetic Turf Canada and Interior Pool and Spa teamed up with K96.3 radio in Kelowna, BC to give one lucky Dad the best Father’s Day gift imaginable with, It’s a Dad’s World! The lucky winner will receive a hot tub, portable putting green, and a synthetic turf door mat custom made of their favourite sports team! Can you imagine telling your Dad you’re giving him the grand prize this year? That would turn the house into such a fun space to enjoy all year round!

All you have to do to enter is fill out your name here and listen to win!

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