A Golfer’s Dream Bedroom

Synthetic turf can be used in many different ways, and in many different places. STI Toronto used our popular putting surface in place of carpet for this little golfer. The client explained their daughter was an avid golfer and wanted a putting green in their room. This was a fun project creating such a unique space for the clients. synthetic turf bedroom

You can see from the photos below, they used the putting surface as the main ground cover, and included a secondary product as a fringe for the surrounding space. synthetic turf bedroom

STI Toronto added the design detail you see below, including the real life curves in the fringe to make it feel like a true outdoor green. The possibilities are endless with Synthetic Turf, if you have an idea, we can bring it to life for you! synthetic turf bedroom

synthetic turf bedroom

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Synthetic Turf Backyard

This fall we had a client with quite a large and spread out yard inquire about our products. They were concerned about the costs as the space was so large and irregularly shaped. We know that not all yards come in the perfect square shape as if they were made for a roll of turf, that’s why we are here! Our team can help work with you to design the space to work for what you are imagining. We can also show you a wide range of products to work within your budget.


This client chose to use one of our lower end products, which just means the product is a bit shorter standing just 1 1/4″ tall, and has 60 oz/sq.yd. As you can see from these photos, it still looks great and you can’t even tell it’s synthetic! This yard looks great and had quite a transformation from the before to now.


synthetic turf backyard


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A Synthetic Turf Transformation

Backyard After

Often times when we receive a call from someone looking for synthetic turf, it is because they are so tired of spending all their time maintaining their yard, only to get busy for one week and it looks like a mess again. They are looking for a permanent solution. This installation was a perfect example of this type of exhaustion from a client. 

Backyard Before Photo

One visit to the yard and our team knew they would need to propose a drastic transformation to give this client the kind of low maintenance and clean look they were after. These before photos show the back and side yard as we found them.

Side Yard Before Photo

One week later, look at this transformation that took place! The side yard is now a clean, usable space that their dog already loves. It’s completely fenced to give the privacy they were looking for from neighbours, without a cluttered appearance. It is now easy and safe to access the back of the house from around the side.

Side Yard After Photo

Their backyard was just as big of a transformation! They now have a spacious 4 hole putting green with room still for their hot tub, lounge chairs and patio. Not to mention there’s plenty of room around the green for the family’s dog to play now.

Backyard After Photo

We are so excited this family now has a clean, safe space to enjoy outdoors, and they don’t have to spend hours a week mowing or¬†watering! All it took was a little synthetic turf.

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