Featured Install: Lakeview Putting Green- Kelowna, BC

Everyone in BC was extremely lucky this year to have such a short winter. We were experiencing Spring-like temperatures as early as February! People were out hiking, running, and for many home owners, spring cleaning their yards. For many of our guys, this meant an early start to the season with Synthetic Turf International Canada.

STI Kelowna was excited to begin installs by late February. We were flooded with interest and had projects lined up earlier than ever. This project was one of our installers’ favourites to work on so far this year, because look at that view!

After removing the existing ground coverings, the base is brought in and any wanted contours are built. Here, the cups have been placed for positioning before the turf is rolled out.



After just two days, this is the transformation that took place. This couple now has their very own place to practice before hitting the course this summer.

 synthetic putting green

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Spring Clean Your Synthetic Lawn!

You’ve done all of your spring cleaning, brought out your summer wardrobe and scrubbed all the hidden nooks and crannies. The barbeque has come out of hibernating and you have your patio ready to entertain. Your synthetic lawn is greener, and fuller than all your neighbors. But why not kick that up a notch and have your local Synthetic Turf International agent give it a spring refresh!


A quick spring clean-up from your installer can provide several benefits!
Here are only a few:

  • Clean up any debris that has settled on the turf over the winter. This will ensure no organic matter settles deep in the blades which weeds can actually sprout out of.
  • Brush the fibers back up. By power sweeping your artificial lawn you can create that new look by getting all the fibers back in an upright position. Especially if they have been weighted down by snow!
  • Check infill levels and do a top up if necessary. This will ensure any sand or ceramic spheres which may have migrated from natural causes have been replaced. Ensuring you have the appropriate amount of infill will help you rest assured that the infill is doing its job correctly. Not sure what that job is? Check out the article Advantages to Using Infill   in Artificial Turfs to find out.
  • Ensure your seams and edging are in good shape.  An installer, who knows the warning signs of sub base, seam, and edging failure, can assure you that no funny business is going on, and if there is they can correct it before it becomes a bigger issue.
  • It’s an inexpensive way to have a professional installer take a look over your lawn to answer any questions you may have and provide some additional tips on how to maintain your synthetic turf so that it looks good as new for several years to come!

So what are you waiting for? Call an experienced synthetic turf agent today to have a spring refresher done!

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2015 Canadian Distributor Conference and STI University

Over the past 6 months the folks at STI have been working long hours in preparation for the STI Dealers Conference and the first STI University (STIU) class.


We’ve all heard of McDonald’s famous Hamburger University. Think a similar concept, minus the food accoutrements. The course is a day and half, where STI provides dealers all of the education and tools needed to succeed in the synthetic turf industry.

The first Canadian STIU was well attended by 19 individuals, each of whom went through what could be considered a crash course in STI. They were treated to a tour of the manufacturing facility. They also received educational materials, turf samples and took part in a hands on installation workshop inside of the facility. The STI University is designed to relay to attendees the benefits and privileges of embracing the STI brand.


fake grass manufacturing plant

The Dealer Conference allows new and existing dealers the chance to come together and learn from one another. At the Conference (and STIU) they are all introduced to new products, they get to touch them and experience them straight from the source.

After the domestic STIU and dealer’s conference, the Canadian STIU followed closely and we were immediately able see where we could improve the course and experience for future classes.
Jeffrey McDaniel stated that, “We want graduates of STIU to come away from a day and a half with us ready to sell and install our products.”

The course helps provide that confidence boost that some dealers were needing to close sales. In fact, Dakota Harp mentioned, “There were dealers closing sales by the end of the week,” due to their newfound confidence thanks to STIU.

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