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Synthetic Turf International of Canada® is the leading synthetic turf distributor company in the industry. STI Canada provides clients with all the tools needed for superior synthetic turf installations. STI Canada currently manufactures a complete range of premium quality synthetic turf, but what we are known for extends far beyond our products. We supply industry leading materials and use our extensive installation experience to ensure the project is completed correctly from the ground up.

By combining the most complete dealer network in the industry with the most advanced installation techniques, we provide the most comprehensive support for our synthetic turf applications. When you join the STI Canada dealer network, STI Canada will educate you about all of your possible options and methods. Our experience and superior products combine to turn inspired ideas into authentic accomplishments.

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The synthetic turf industry is one of the hottest growing markets, and it is showing no signs of stopping.  The key to taking advantage of this developing market is to act quickly and set up your business to answer the rising need for synthetic turf.  Synthetic Turf International is the most respected name in artificial lawns, synthetic putting greens, tee lines, and the synthetic turf industry as a whole. It also comes with years of experience developing new dealers within their respective markets from the ground up. Through the years, that experience has taught us that quality is paramount. We stand behind every product we produce, our dealers stand behind every install and we stand behind our dealers. With a STI Canada partnership, you will be held in the highest regard because you will be a member of a company synonymous with true craftsmanship that lasts. Synthetic Turf International of Canada is the exclusive dealer network under an umbrella of five companies with Controlled Products®. You won’t be on your own. You will be a part of one of the largest and most successful groups of entrepreneurs who believe a business should serve six essential purposes:

  1. Provide an exceptional product and/or service.
  2. Generate a good annual income.
  3. Maintain a positive image with anyone that you contact.
  4. Create a healthy bottom line that you can use to create wealth.
  5. Build enough equity so you can pass the business on to your children or sell for a profit.
  6. Generate sufficient cash flow to reduce or eliminate debt.

Partnering with Synthetic Turf International of Canada provides you access to vital knowledge that will allow you to focus on the business side of your company, helping you improve on efficiency and performance. You can expand your services, increase profitability, and enjoy a more streamlined business that allows you to excel within the synthetic turf industry.

Join Synthetic Turf International of Canada today and Experience A Greener World!

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Growing Popularity of Indoor Sports Leads Customers to Synthetic Turf International


The world of sports continues to grow, and Synthetic Turf International has been there to support the enthusiasts outside and indoors for years.  Canada STI leads the industry with a superior range of outdoor and indoor products that are designed for the highest levels of performance and safety.  These products are designed to replicate natural reactions of ball bounce and human activities. STI’s products range from non-infill options with a performance foam backing to field products that can be filled with combinations of sand and crumb rubber to develop all of the specific requirements. Our athletic turf, The Trainer’s Choice (AT740) , Performance Choice (AT755), and Coach’s Choice (AT755E) series of products allow athletes, trainers, coaches, schools, doctors, sports teams, and many others to benefit from the performance of high end athletic fields in an indoor setting without the need for sand or rubber infill. The Sports Turf XP250 system allows for increased flexibility for firmness, ball bounce, GMAX, and other characteristics by altering types and levels of infills and underlayments.  All of the indoor and outdoor athletic systems allow for logos, graphics, and line placements in various colors of synthetic turf.

Not only does STI offer the most advanced products in the synthetic turf industry, but their installation and service is second to none.  Customers come first, and no one understands that better than STI.  Below you can find a wonderful testimonial referencing the recent installation at The Futbol Factory installed by Synthetic Turf International.

“We chose Synthetic Turf International to provide all of the turf for our indoor soccer/futbol facility.  Having the best turf for The Futbol Factory was essential for our business.  The owners of STI are professional, easy to work with, and the people who installed the turf were obviously true professionals.  Everything is absolutely perfect, the lines for the soccer fields and the look and feel of the turf.  We highly recommend Synthetic Turf International.” – Rosalie K.

Need Flooring For Your Trade Show Booth? STI Has You Covered

Do you need synthetic turf for your trade show booth in 2015? Contact Synthetic Turf International Canada today to experience a greener world in your booth.

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Over the past several weeks, the folks at STI Canada have been walking quite a few trade shows, and noticed a common link between many of the show exhibitors, synthetic turf.

In many cases, planners and designers are already working on their trade show booths for 2015.  For those exhibitors looking to implement synthetic turf into their booth design, Synthetic Turf International Canada would love to be your turf provider.

Combining its years of experience with unmatched quality and service, Synthetic Turf International Canada has remained as the leader in residential synthetic turf market by consistently producing and providing the absolute best products and installation available.

You can expect the same commitment to superior quality and top-notch service when we assist your company with a custom booth design, and any other synthetic turf needs you or your company may have for 2015 and beyond.

The possibilities and applications are endless with STI Canada.  We have found through our many years supplying trade show exhibitors that many prefer a natural landscape style of turf, which lends the feel and appearance of natural grass.  Or, you may prefer a putting green to draw prospective customers and attendees into your booth. Many exhibitors incorporate a custom coloured logo into their booth design to give it the extra draw and personalization.

Whatever the design, Synthetic Turf International can provide a solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Callaway Green 2014 PGA Show

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