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CrossFit is the latest fitness craze attracting people to affiliated gyms throughout North America. It is a strength and conditioning program with the aim of improving overall fitness. CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many academies across the continent. This unique program combines elements from high-intensity interval training, olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, and many more exercises.

 Indoor CrossFit Facilities Recently Completed

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crossfit gym

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Our team saw a unique opportunity when this trend emerged. The variety in our products meant we were able to provide the necessary characteristics to keep these athletes fit and safe. We began to receive inquiries about the use of our products in gyms, athletic facilities, and in doctors’ offices.

Some of the most popular styles for this particular application have been Trainer’s Choice and Coach’s Choice. Trainer’s Choice is a polyethylene/nylon blend with a 5mm foam backing. It is a fairly dense product weighing 122 oz per square yard. The pile height of this turf is 3/4″. This style is available in a range of colours, allowing the facility to include their logo in the turf or just mix it up with some fun colours!

For a longer lasting, softer and more realistic grass, we feel the AT755 Coach’s Choice is the premium agility turf in the industry. At nearly 140 oz per square yard it can handle anything you can throw at it…literally! It is also a polyethylene/nylon blend with a 5mm foam backing. It is much more dense  thus giving it a fuller appearance. The pile height of this turf is 11/8″ standing taller than the Trainer’s Choice.

 Indoor Athletics Facility Recently Completed

indoor synthetic turf crossfit facility


This field below was a special scenario because it is actually an ice arena in the winter, and a field in the summer. Our solution for this was to use velcro seams to allow the facility to easily remove the turf in the hockey season.

indoor field fake grass turf

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Synthetic Turf International- Keeping Pets Happy Since 2004

As a proud pet owner, you want nothing less than a perfect place for your animals to run and play in the yard. As a proud home owner, you want a beautiful outdoor space to relax and enjoy without the constant upkeep. We have a solution for you!

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We offer a wide variety of synthetic turf to meet all of your individual needs! Our pet turfs are long lasting, durable, and keep the lush fresh cut appearance for years to come. STI’s SoftLawn Pet Turf can be easily cleaned for your convenience, unlike other alternatives you can spray it with a hose and the job is done. The pet turf line is an entirely non-allergenic option for your pets. It is safe for pets of all breeds and sizes, and requires no harmful chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. The pet turf surface is designed to be easy on your furry little friend’s joints and skin. This line of turf also has a high flow drainage rate so you don’t have to worry about your pet ruining the lawn.

We also have some SoftLawn Pet Turf for spaces with very high pet traffic. We have had success with places such as dog kennels and doggy daycares using our product for their spaces. The dogs love it because they are able to run free and play on the soft grass without a worry, and the owners love it because the clean up and maintenance is so simple now. They are also able to use smaller pieces in portable kennels and potty training for worry-free travel.

Here are a few of our favourite styles for our furry friends

PL920 SoftLawn Emerald Rye

PL919 SoftLawn Garden Rye

1 1/2″ Polyethylene and Polypropylene

PL924 SoftLawn Spring Rye

Spring Rye artificial synthetic turf

1 3/4″ Polyethylene

 CX121 SoftLawn Pro Cut

Pro cut short synthetic turf

3/4” Polyethylene and Polypropylene

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New Synthetic Turf International Dealer Welcome

The season has started and shows no signs of slowing down! The sun is shining and our distributors have been hard at work across Canada. People from coast to coast are experiencing a greener world thanks to our ever growing network of dedicated synthetic turf specialists. We have been so busy we haven’t done a recent welcome post for some of the team who have joined us since the winter. We want to give an official welcome to our newest dealers! Ontario has been very busy and so we would like to welcome our newest dealers to the Ontario region!


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Tammy-Lee and John Pappano located in Sudbury.

Pete Azzie located in Ottawa.

Jeremy Stunt located in Toronto.


Are you a landscaper or landscape supplier? Want to be a distributor in one of the hottest growing industries? We are still looking for distributors in select areas across Canada. We can offer you premium products at competitive prices, the tools and knowledge to do beautiful installs, professionally designed marketing materials, and a supportive staff to help you on your journey to success. To find out which locations still require distributors contact us today!


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