Synthetic Turf Maintenance Solutions

STI Canada’s signature lawn and landscape synthetic turf, SoftLawn®, utilizes a soft polypropylene or polyethylene UV protected synthetic fiber. Treated and tufted on a porous backing, SoftLawn® is the same quality product used in school playgrounds, play yards, and lawn applications.

The Advantages of SoftLawn®

  • Requires no water
  • Chemical-free
  • 100% recyclable components
  • Never needs mowing
  • ADA/ABA compliant- Crutches won’t sink in and wheelchairs can roll
  • Safety- No more buried glass or other harmful objects
  • Anti-microbial fibers

When you make the switch to a synthetic lawn, you say goodbye to the dreaded “honey-do” list. No more mowing, watering or weeding! Think of all the hours you will save on a year to year basis! The lawn provides that fresh-cut appearance without the hassle, saving you time and money. SoftLawn® can be easily maintained using a leaf blower, or allow one of our certified installers to come “spring clean” your lawn for you!

The SoftLawn® product line is comprised of two types of yarn.


New polypropylene yarn construction has allowed for more durable, softer, and much better polypropylene synthetic turfs. Unlike nylon, it is not subject to expansion or contraction due to humidity or temperature change because it has a 0% absorption rate. Polypropylene is slowly replacing nylon as the “go to” synthetic turf fiber.


Polyethylene is the softest yarn available to synthetic turf construction.
It has a 0% water absorption rate, and therefore is not subject to expansion, contraction or absorption of ammonia making it a great pet turf. It is best used in lawn and landscape applications when infused with polypropylene for strength.

The Most Popular Products

PL-921 Bluegrass Blend


1 3/4” Polyethylene & Polypropylene Blend

Bluegrass is one of the most natural appearing lawns in the entire line! Its thick brown thatching makes it appear incredible realistic when compared with native grasses in North America. Plus it adds additional density for an unbelievably cushiony feel under foot.


PL-925 Plush Pro


2″ Polyethylene Monofilament

The most luxurious turf in the entire SoftLawn® Line, and with over 100oz/sq. ft. of face weight it is the Mercedes Benz of the turf industry. Plush Pro not only looks beautiful but feels like no other. Thick and dense, it is the ultimate in outdoor indulgence.



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Synthetic Turf International Announces New Product!

Synthetic Turf International of Canada is excited to announce we are working with ThermaGreen Environmental to bring you a wider selection of products! ThermaGreen is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario. This month, we are launching the SoftLawn® EZ Play turf.

This product is best suited for use in playgrounds and high traffic areas. This product is very dense at 87 oz/sq.yd and considered short with its 1 1/4″ height. When traffic and wear are a concern, a short, dense product is what you are looking for! This product is also a polyethylene/polypropylene yarn blend. Polypropylene is the stiffest yarn available, and provides a 0% water absorption rate. Polyethylene is the softest yarn available and also provides a 0% water absorption rate. As a result, the SoftLawn® EZ Play is not subject to expansion or contraction due to temperature or humidity.


SoftLawn® EZ Play contributes to the goals of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). ThermGreen’s Play product line meets the drainage and energy absorption properties under ASTMF1292 and ASTM F355A for HIC and Gmax ratings.

The STC (Synthetic Turf Council), which is the governing body for companies in North America, has set a quality control level for shed loss and tuft bind. This is the amount of pressure which can be applied before shed loss starts to happen. All North American products must meet a minimum standard of 6lb test for tuft bind. We are pleased to say our new SoftLawn® EZ Play has a 12lb tuft bind, doubling the minimum standards.

STI Canada strives to continually improve our selection of products to ensure our customers are receiving the best product available! We want our customers to find exactly what they need with us. The SoftLawn® EZ Play is a great new addition and we are excited to share this new addition with you!

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